Cancer Awareness

Do Something Special For the Cancer Survivor in Your Life



Sadly as it sounds, many of us know firsthand how cancer effects a family as a whole.  It sadness a family at the same time as bringing them closer together to support the one they love.  My amazing grandma was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in January 2013.  With her being out-of-state, it was so hard to be so far away, but I thought about her daily and communicated with my family daily through her chemo and fight for her precious life.  I found such joy in being next to her and holding her tiny hand.  She was a beautiful woman and I will keep her close to my heart forever. I will never forget her hand reaching out to me and her hand squeezing me tightly.  I think about her everyday and try to do the little things in her memory (keeping her alive around my house through photos, poems,etc.. run fundraisers, spread awareness to help others).   It was an extremely sad moment for my family, but I now know that she will be watching over all of us, for all the days of our lives.  I find great pride in bringing awareness to Colon Cancer & spreading the world with blue!


Working with so many amazing non-profit organizations is a passion that I have and will always have.  I am still amazed by the wonderful people I interact with on a daily basis.  For example, I had one customer put an amazing breast cancer gift bag together for her co-worker that was fighting breast cancer with our GO PINK fabulous flip flops and loads of pink stuff.

I wanted to share some amazing things you can do for the man/woman fighting or a survivor in your life:

1.     1. Dedicate the awareness month to them.  For example, send them cards of strength throughout the month.  If they are a breast cancer survivor, maybe mail them 2-3 cards throughout the month, tie some pink balloons on their mailbox one day, drop off a bag of pink candy another day, celebrate their courage and success all month-long!!

The Little Things in Life
The Little Things in Life


2.    2  Make them a photo book of you, your loved one fighting against cancer or your cancer survivor loved ones and a book of smiles and memories to make their day.  It brings such joy to people to look at their family memories and photo books are a perfect way to do this.

3.      3. Awareness gifts, like Francesca’s Fancy Flops with ribbon colors related to the associated cancer.  Francesca’s Fancy Flops also has jewelry that gives back to amazing non-profit organizations.

Francesca's Fancy Flops GO PINK jewelry that benefits BreastCancer.Org
Francesca’s Fancy Flops GO PINK jewelry that benefits BreastCancer.Org

4.   4.    Make them their favorite meal.  Surprise them one day and bring over their favorite meal so they don’t have to worry about cooking

Cook the the ones you love
Cook the the ones you love

5.     5.  Give the gift of inspiration and hope through amazing quotes from My Three Sisters Publishing.  For example, for the breast cancer survivor or someone fighting against breast cancer in your life, here is an adorable gift for them.

     Here is a list of awareness months for everyone to see.  Plan something special for your loved one fighting cancer or the cancer survivor in your life:


Little things go a very long way.  I try to do the little things for the people I love as much as possible.  Go that extra mile for the cancer survivor or your loved one fighting against cancer today! Put a little something together for them to give them a smile that they definitely deserve! Please feel free to share your ideas as well. 



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