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The Witty, Energetic & Fun Aly Bockler Interview

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My Fabulous Q & A with the amazing Aly Bockler. Aly is an on-air talent for the “You and Me This Morning Show (WCIU).” She is full of energy & a diehard Chicago Blackhawks fan!

1.      What was your favorite interview?

Aly: My favorite interviews have always been with the Chicago Blackhawks. Committing to the Indian is my life, and being such a huge fan makes interviewing the Hawks less like work, and more like the greatest thrill in my life. A close second is when Jerry Springer flew me to the East Coast to be his security guard on The Jerry Springer Show….It got scrappy, I walked away with scrapes, scratches and as far as the on stage fighting goes, it was the real deal! Here’s the link

2.      Who is your favorite movie star?

Aly: I love anything Daniel Day Lewis does, he’s a fantastic actor…..on the comedy side, Bill Murray is gold.

3.      Any funny onset moments with You & Me This Morning?

Aly: The cast and crew of You & Me This Morning is really one big crazy family….I’ve never laughed harder at work than I do everyday with this bunch of characters. During the show, I rarely get to hang out in the studio as I’m usually live on location somewhere, so I miss alot of fun stuff in the studio, but manage to brew up my own batch of fun in the field. One time I had to ride a roller coaster at Six Flags and I was mic’d up and the camera was mounted directly in front of my face….when the roller coaster started, I really forgot I was on tv because fear and excitement took over and I said the first two letters of the F-word, but caught myself and retracted and I still have a job, whew!

4.      Do you have any television shows that you watch now?

Aly: My all time favorite tv shows are the old Gong Show with Chuck Barris and the best tv comedy EVER in my opinion is Arrested Development….as far as current shows, I’m totally into “Orange is the New Black”, strongly recommended!

5.      What is your one piece of clothing or fashion Accessory/item that you can’t live without?

Aly: A baseball cap, I have two I love, one is my blackhawks hat with the Chicago flag in the Indian head and the other I got from Zane Lamprey, host of “Three Sheets” and “Drinking Made Easy”….it comes with a bottle opener on the rim of the hat and that comes in pretty handy!

6.      Is there anyone that you have not interviewed that you would LOVE to interview?

Aly: My all-time favorite hockey player and former Blackhawk, Chris Chelios…..he is a GREEK God, from Chicago and has been the only picture I’ve kept in my wallet consistently for 14 years. I met him in passing once for a second at a fundraiser….it was my life’s mission, my dream, my wish to meet this man and I freaked out and became a nervous idiot….. I’m hoping to get a second chance someday.

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