A Glass of Wine, A Donut and A Good Book

Those are all things the talented author Jillian Conely loves! Do you like romance, hot and steamy books?  Do you love a great book you can’t put down? You will absolutely LOVE Dating Chase Walker by the gorgeous Jillian Conely. 


When I first started reading the book, I literally could not put it down.  I wanted to know what Audrey was going to do next & if Chase was playing around with her or really liked it.  It even made me laugh.  You won’t be believe what embarrassing thing happens to Audrey in the bedroom with Chase the first time! Jillian is an extremely talented writer.  She is literally adorable and so sweet! Please take a minute to read our amazing interview with the talented and beautiful Jillian Conely.    


1.      Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Audrey Hepburn. She’s actually the reason why I named the main character Audrey in my book, Dating Chase Walker. I am a huge fan of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and I make several references to it throughout my book series Sex, Love & Timing. I constantly reference my all time classic films in my writing. I picked the last name Buchanan for Audrey in my book Dating Chase Walker after Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby and in my book Maid of Honor there’s a green light across the bay in reference to The Great Gatsby. Another one of my favorite movies is An Affair to Remember, which is constantly referenced throughout my series Sex, Love & Timing.


2.      What is your favorite drink?  

Wine. I love wine. All kinds of wine. Give me a glass of wine, a donut and a good book and you will make me a happy girl.


3.      We are a HUGE fan of “Dating Chase Walker.”What new books will we see from you in the future?

The second book in the Sex, Love & Timing series is almost finished! We hope to have it on shelves before Christmas. I’ve been enjoying writing this one. Audrey has some fun adventures! In February I have a book coming out called Cancer & Marriage where I share the stories of couples whose marriages survived cancer. It is one of the most inspirational projects I have ever worked on and I am excited that all proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit Imerman Angels. We are accepting submissions until December 1st if you are interested. http://www.my3sisters.com/#!inspirational-stories/cddh


4.      What is your must have FALL/WINTER Chicago Fashion must have? 

Scarves! A scarf can spruce up any bland outfit and they are so easy to mix-in-match.


5.      Are you a heels or flat kind of girl?

Heels when I go out. I am obsessed with www.styleupgirl.com. Their shoes are simply adorable and very affordable.


6.      We know that you are the feature girl of the newest “What’s in a girls name” line fancy flops “The

Jillian,” from Francesca’s Fancy Flops.  Are there any other items that you would like from Francesca’s Fancy Flops?

I love my “The Jillian” shoes! They are adorable! Francesca’s Fancy Flops has some really cool rings. I like to wear big, loud rings.


7.      What is your favorite color to wear?

I wear a lot of black, but whenever I go out in red I seem to get a lot of compliments. I am almost a carbon copy of my mother and she always looks amazing in red so I started wearing it too. (I love you, mom!)


8.      What is your all time favorite food?

Donuts! Whenever I travel I make it a point to try donut shops in the cities I visit. To date, the best donut I have ever had was in London from a small street stand. I’d fly all the way to London just to have another one of those donuts.


9.      With Christmas around the corner, do you have any Christmas traditions?

Well, people who know me know that I have a unique enthusiasm for Christmas. I love the holiday season almost as much as Santa Claus. No, really I do. There is just something about that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas where you walk around and see the good in people. Everyone is so cheerful, giving, and the music played during the season is so positive. A favorite tradition I have is going to my parents to put up the Christmas tree. My mother has enough ornaments to fill up a dozen Christmas trees, but there’s a story behind every single ornament. So my dad goes outside to freeze putting Christmas lights up while my mom and I put up the ornaments on the tree next to the warm fire inside. My mom tells me the story of every ornament and it is a lot of fun learning about the meaning behind them.  


I couldn’t agree more with Jillian! I am a huge Christmas fan too! : ) Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with us Jillian! Everyone here at Francesca’s Fancy Flops loves you & your fabulous books!


~Robin LeeAnne

Owner of Francesca’s Fancy Flops


Jillian 2

Jillian Conley & the owner of Francesca’s Fancy Flops Robin LeeAnne will be featured at the upcoming event She writes on Thursday November 14th, where CHICAGO SHE WRITES Authors & Bloggers will be featured.  My Three Sisters Publishing presents She Writes Chicago, an event featuring Chicago women writers. Come walk the red carpet, meet & celebrate beautiful Chicago writers, enjoy hosted cocktails provided by Hennessy, enter amazing raffles, get on camera for a new documentary and have a blast!!

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Come join us for an amazing event in Chicago November 14th

Come join us for an amazing event in Chicago November 14th

Please feel free to check out Jillian’s sites:

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Jillian will also be featured in our upcoming book Fabulous in Flip Flops! You can see gorgeous pictures of Jillian and “The Jillian,” fancy flop in the book!

You can purchase the coffee table book, plus all of Jillian’s fabulous books (including Dating Chase Walker). You can purchase Jillian’s books at the link below:


You can purchase the fancy flops named after Jillian at the link below:



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