Chocolate and Socks

Holly Durst Julian’s Two Favorite things: Chocolate & Socks


Our fabulous interview with the lovely Holly Durst Julian.  Learn about why her favorite earrings are so important to her! You may remember her from ABC’s Bachelor Pad 2 (Winner) & ABC’s The Bachelor~ Season 12.  Take a minute and learn a little more about the lovely Holly Durst Julian.  She’s sweet, adorable & loves chocolate and socks!  

1.     Did you enjoy being on ABC’s The Bachelor? 

To be quite honest, it was overwhelming! I had never watched the show before I went on so I didn’t know what to expect! It was a lot to be thrown at someone! Looking back, I wish I would have made the most out of it and not cared so much about “Falling in love.”

2.     What was your best and worst moment on the show?

My best and worst moment on The Bachelor is being sent home on the two on one date. It’s always embarrassing to be sent home and to “lose” at something but it was such a great thing because I was able to go on Bachelor Pad because of being sent home. 

3.     Do you have any television shows that you watch now?

Oh, I love Project Runway and Long Island Medium. I’m into clothes and spirits! haha

4.     What is your one piece of clothing or fashion Accessory/item that you can’t live without?

I can’t leave the house without my favorite earrings. They are the ones I got married in and I feel naked without them!

5.     Your children’s books are adorable! What inspired you to write?

I’ve always loved writing. What inspired me to write my book “Chocolate Socks” was about 7 years ago, I got a gift. It was a box of chocolate and a pack of socks. They are seriously my 2 favorite things and so it gave me the idea to write my book.

6.     We know that you have some blue and pink fabulous fancy flops. Are there any other items you really want or need from Francesca’s Fancy Flops?

First off, THANK YOU! The flip flops you guys sent me are adorable! I had the chance to peruse your website and found nothing but cute items and some seriously fancy flip flops. I think every girl needs a pair!


7.     With Christmas around the corner, what is something you really want for Christmas?

My husband Blake and I are building a house this year. It is supposed to be done in December. I keep trying to tell him that I don’t want anything for Christmas since I am getting a house! (But… I want a bike! haha)

8.     How do you typically spend your holiday? 


I usually spend holidays with family, whether it be mine or Blake’s. I know this year we will be with him mom and sisters, possibly in Hawaii! 

 Holly1 Holly3

Holly’s fabulous website (where you can find her books too!):


Holly’s Twitter account:


Holly is pictured above in Francesca’s Fancy Flops.  You can purchase your own fabulous fancy flops at:

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