She Writes Chicago

Last week on November 14th I was a part of an amazing and unforgettable night! The event was called She Writes Chicago.  It was held at American Junkie in downtown Chicago.

We walked the red carpet, met some absolutely talented writers, hung with the gorgeous Christina Scoleri from VH 1’s Chicago Mob Wives, Aly Bockler from You & Me This Morning television show & enjoyed delicious cocktails provided by Hennessy & had a remarkable night. There is so much talent here in Chicago! These women are marvelous! I met some amazing writers at the event & can’t wait for the next one!

The group shot

The group shot

Johanna M. Cook & Myself

Johanna M. Cook & Myself

I was featured as a Chicago Writer along with many other amazing women!

You can see the entire list of women at the link below:!chicago-she-writes/c10bu

She Writes

Delicious cocktails provided by Hennessy

The gorgeous Christina Scoleri from VH 1's Mob Wives Chicago & myself

The gorgeous Christina Scoleri from VH 1’s Mob Wives Chicago & myself

My Three Sisters Publishing presents She Writes Chicago

My Three Sisters Publishing presents She Writes Chicago

My Three Sisters Publishing presents She Writes Chicago

My Three Sisters Publishing presents She Writes Chicago

The Fabulous Aly Bockler from You & Me This Morning & the fabulous author  Jillian Conley

The Fabulous Aly Bockler from You & Me This Morning & the fabulous author Jillian Conley

I wore an absolutely stunning dress from Sarah Church.  She is an amazing and talented fashion designer.  We took a few minutes to ask this marvelous fashion designer a few fun questions about her clothing line.

  1) When did you launch your clothing line?

In 2011 I launched my website. It featured several one of a kind pieces, some vintage, some refurbished and up cycled pieces as well as my “ready to wear” collection (at that time there were a maximum of 3 of each piece made in  my ready to wear collection). I produced my first full collection for Spring 2013 while a designer in residence at the Chicago Fashion Incubator program in 2012.

  2) What made you become a designer?

It’s funny that it took me a while to figure it out when, from the outside looking in, it was super obvious.  For example:

Age 7: I use to stay in from recess to play dress up. There is a picture of me I the school year book dressed in head to toe vintage that is entirely too big for me, haha.

High school:  Always making some kind of statement—typically rebellious (surprise ~surprise). I remember one specific time being told to take off my “dog collar” —of course I had to ask “why?” –He said that someone could drag me by it and hurt me, I responded with “ well, you could drag people around by there shirts too…so should everyone take their shirts off?” lol…he told me to go to class and that was the end of that.

Soon after I graduated from high school I met a girl named Birdella, she was a super creative with a lively ambitious spirit. She ended up opening her own “freak boutique” and gave me complete freedom to create all sorts of unique pieces for her store.  I loved it! From 1999-2007 Birdella featured many of my creations in her stores.

It wasn’t until 2000 that I finally decided to go to college for Fashion Design. Best decision I ever made. I absolutely love where that road has taken me. I will take it with the ups and the downs, there is progress and understanding in life lessons that you can’t get unless you experience it yourself.  It’s been a hell of a ride and I am not getting off anytime soon!

  3) What can we expect from your line in Spring 2014?

You can expect a small collection of rockin’ ready to wear w lots of great knit fabrics that make easy transition pieces without forgetting to make a statement.  I am also doing 2 pieces in collaboration with Marilyn Smolenski of Nickel and Lace for an upcoming event on May 10th, it is the sequel to the Fire arms Fashion show last year. I am really excited to be a part of it again this year.

As always, I have my continuous collection of eco friendly, one of a kind garments and accessories.  I really enjoy the individuality and the organic-ness of the process—just picking up a piece of fabric and seeing what happens, it’s great.

  4) What is a fashion item you can’t live w/out?

Boots! I love them-flats, wedges, heels-they can hang with my demanding schedule. I wear them every season.

 Sarah Church Logo

  5) With Christmas around the corner, do you have anything on your wish list?

How big is Santa’s budget? Hehee.  I would love a serger and a cover stitch machine, I could go on and on with tools of the trade. I would also like a cloning machine for when I get real busy and a few super powers (even if its just a one day pass 😉

Designer Sarah Church

Designer Sarah Church

Designer Sarah Church

Designer Sarah Church

  6) Where can everyone purchase this amazing dress and your other items?

I will soon be taking by appointment only clients at my new store front location in New Lenox, you can email me at You can also keep up-to-date w events I will be vending at through my FB page:

Thank you Sarah for taking the time to share this with us! LOVE her line! Check it out.

Here is one of my NEW favorite shirts from Sarah Church!

Blogger Robin LeeAnne wearing Sarah Church

Blogger Robin LeeAnne wearing Sarah Church

Sarah Church’s Facebook Page (Become a Fan!)

My fabulous earrings from Kiwi Avenue Jewelry

My fabulous earrings from Kiwi Avenue Jewelry

My amazing jewelry was from Kiwi Avenue.  Catherine Borzym is the talented owner of Kiwi Avenue. My favorite part is that each piece can be customized and layered! Love it all! We took a few minutes to ask Catherine about her business.

Kiwi Avenue Jewelry

Kiwi Avenue Jewelry

1.      When did you start Kiwi Avenue?

I have always been passionate about art- living, breathing and creating art during almost every moment of my day.  I received my first handful of beads as a birthday gift when I was 13, and never looked back.  By the age of 16, I started selling my creations to friends for Prom and Homecoming.  


Time passed, and my freshman year of college lead me to a paramount exhibit- The National Art Education Association.  This event consisted of over 1,500 art teachers making me simultaneously quite nervous and anxious to hear their critiques.  To my surprise, the art educators loved my work and were very impressed with my design skills, branding, and sales abilities.  


After this wonderful boost of encouragement, I decided to double major in Small Business Entrepreneurship and Marketing at North Central College.  It was here that I learned not only the ins and outs of running a company, but how to promote and sell my art work effectively.  The next four years that followed, truly shaped Kiwi Avenue into what it is today.   My professors at NCC inspired me to continue with my passion and to continually challenge myself.  

Kiwi Avenue has been growing and developing into the story that it is today. Though far from finished, each new chapter has added sentiment to our brand. You’ll fall in love with our Floral Romance collection, catch a plane to Paris with our World Traveler line, celebrate victories with our School Spirit variety, make time stand still with Forever Yours Birthstones, or embrace your whimsical side with a piece from our Birds of a Feather collection.  

2.      What is your favorite piece?
If I had to choose one piece… I would choose The Secret Key necklace from our Found Treasures Collection.  It’s a hand-poured pendant on a 16″ silver plated chain, with a subtle elegant combination of black and white newsprint and a tiny pewter key.  The short length allows me to effortlessly layer it with other necklaces.  A simple addition to complete any outfit, especially perfect for the holiday season.  Can’t wait to wear it with this kiwi green dress I bought recently!  


3.      What is your MUST have Winter Fashion item?
My handmade winter bow headband is a definitely my go to winter fashion accessory.  They keep my ears nice and toasty, and every time I wear it I get numerous compliments!  Our Chicago weather is so unpredictable, so typically I keep an extra one in my car, just in case.  ; )   

Kiwi Avenue Jewelry

Kiwi Avenue Jewelry

4.      With Christmas right around the corner, is there anything that is on your wish list?
I would LOVE a pair of Toms shoes!  I’ve never owned a pair before.  Flats, boots, and wedges…. oh my!  There are so many options to choose from!  I found this pair of their signature style with dictionary quotes, and have just been obsessed with them ever since!  An artistic spin to a traditional pattern.  It would be heartwarming to know that the gift I received actually would change the life of a child in need.


Kiwi Avenue Jewelry

Check out all of her amazing work at her links below:



LOVE monogram pendants edited


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