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Do you know Ashlee Piper? Well you should! She is fabulous! Ashlee has a blog called The Little Foxes.  She started this blog as a place to chronicle my love of all things compassionate and vegan.  Her vegan blog is fun, fashionable and has recipes too! We took a few minutes to learn a little more about Ashlee.
Ashlee Piper
Ashlee Piper
1.      What is your all time favorite holiday food to cook?
I love to make cookies and pie, because they’re such fun gifts to give people and everyone seems to get excited about them. If I’m just cooking for myself, though, I love making big pots of soup – creamy mushroom, corn chowder, vegetable, lentil, whatever! To me, soup is totally the elixir of comfort in the winter.
2.      What is your one fashion item that you can NOT live without?
Oh! So many! I do love flip flops in the summer, but a great pair of jeans, a black blazer, and a good bra are my fashion foundations.
3.      With Christmas around the corner, is there anything in particular on your wish list (If she can answer before Christmas)?
Nothing. I feel so blessed to have such marvelous family, friends, animals, and experiences in my life. I guess if I had a request of others, it would be to visit their local shelter and adopt a companion animal. I volunteer at a shelter and it just breaks my heart to see animals without homes all the time, but especially during the holidays.
The Little Foxes
The Little Foxes
4.      Do you have any Christmas traditions?
When I was younger, we’d drive around the city with thermoses full of hot cocoa and look at the Christmas lights. I have such fond memories of that! Holiday lights still hold so much magic for me.
5.      What was your favorite Holiday/Christmas movie?
I love White Christmas, and any of the Claymation specials. But the most unsung Christmas movie that really gets the gist of the season is Small One. It’s so sad and sweet. I cry every time I see it!
The Little Foxes
The Little Foxes
6.      What can we plan to see from the you in 2014?
Big things! I’m working on cruelty-free beauty and fashion pieces for some big magazines and TV spots, and get closer everyday to my dream of having my own TV show all about fabulous, stylish, eco- and animal-friendly living!

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