Canada’s Beauty Patricia McKenzie

PATRICIA MCKENZIE is a multi-disciplinary, multilingual artist and Gemini-Nominated Actress (Canada’s Emmy’s).  Patricia will be a part of our new book Fabulous in Flip Flops! She is a gorgeous, kind, talented and lovely young lady!



Patricia plays Kendra Hayes in David Cronenberg’s newest film “Cosmoplis,” in a steamy role with Star Robert Pattinson of “Twilight”. Also starring Juliette Binoche and Paul Giamatti. Look for her as Anna Cooper in “The Phantom” (tv series) and she stars in the psychological thriller “Die”, opposite Elias Koteas (information taken from

Other TV series credits include Naked Josh, Charlie Jade, Soul Food, Bliss, Mirador and Les Soeurs Elliot. Film: Stardom, La vie après l’amour, Sigma.  Her dancing/singing credits include The Lion King, Chicago, and Notre-Dame de Paris.  Patricia is based in Toronto, Montreal, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Member of ACTRA, UDA and Equity. SAG eligible.  Check out our fun and exciting interview with the lovely Patricia. 

1.Do you have a favorite acting moment?  

Yes.  My favorite acting moment is “now”. That’s when the magic happens, spontaneously, in the moment.  Other than that, I like the space between “action” and “cut” 🙂

2.    When did you know that you wanted to be a singer/actresss? 

I starting putting on shows for my family when I was little.  Magic shows, puppet shows, plays, whatever I could think of.  But it wasn’t until I saw the Cosby show that I knew I could be a professional actress because it was the first time I was aware that black people could make a living as actors. When I saw cats, I knew my path was to become a dancer first. As for singing, I have always had to sing at work, but I was terrified of it.  My throat would close and I’d start to cry.  Even on the job!  I was forced to become a better singer when I was doing Lion King, and I have never looked back since. Now I record my own music and am pursing my passion for piano.

3.    What is your favorite all time movie?   

“Requiem for a Dream” and “Happiness”, are two perfect movies for me.  Ben Kingsley and Denzel Washington are two of my favorite actors.

4.    Do you have any television shows that you watch now?  

I feel like I barely have time to even listen to the radio.  I always have lines to learn, either for work or an audition, and my days on set are very intense, so I don’t haven’t had a second to watch TV, but I did get into “Person of Interest” awhile back and want to watch a marathon of Breaking Bad to see what the fuss is about.

5.    What is your one piece of clothing or fashion Accessory/item that you can’t live without?  

A smile!  It sounds cheesy but my love for fashion is only eclipsed by my love to be happy.  I also feel naked without my wedding rings.

6.    We know that you have a pair of fabulous Francesca’s Fancy Flops. Are there any other items you really want or need from Francesca’s Fancy Flops?  

An extra pair for a friend so mine don’t get stolen!

7.    With Christmas around the corner, is there anything you have on your “wish list?”  

I feel like, in my mind, everything I wish for comes true from a combination of hard work and good luck, and it’s always selfish, like a sweet husband, a new movie, or a bigger closet… so I think I will wish for people to dream big, and that they have the tools and the drive, to make their wildest wishes come true.










PATRICIA MCKENZIE is in our fabulous new coffee table book

PATRICIA MCKENZIE is in our fabulous new coffee table book

I couldn’t agree more about the smile! A smile can make you look gorgeous inside and out! Thank you Patricia for taking the time to chat with us and we are delighted to have you apart of the Fabulous in Flip Flops coffee table book!


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