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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Custom Cookie

Gift Ideas for the love of your life!

1.      Fill their bathroom, car or house with red or heart balloons. Give them something special to walk into.  Fill their life with the color of love-red.  You can pick up heart balloons at your local party store.

Valentines Day Balloons

2.      Order or Make a Custom Cookie.  Order an I LOVE YOU cookie or make one yourself.  You can order from a local bakery or tons of different businesses on ETSY.  You can put “I love you,” plus their name on it as well.

Love Cupcakes

3.      A hot chocolate for your hottie.  Order a custom mug.  There are tons of sites from Walgreens to Shutterfly where you can order custom coffee mugs.  Put some adorable pictures of the two of you on it.  Then go to your local grocery store and pick up a box of hot chocolate.  Add a person card to state “Hot Chocolate for the hottie in my life,” and you have a priceless gift that will be remembered for years.


4.      Make Love Vouchers.  Print up personalized love vouchers on your computer and put them in a card for your honey honey.  The vouchers can state things like, “A kiss for no reason,” “Washing the dishes,” “Rubbing your feet,” “Freebee to do whatever you want when Football is on,” “Dinner of your choice,” and so many others.  Be creative.


Gifts from the heart don’t always have to cost a million dollars or be large diamonds (but those are okay too), but be creative and give a Valentine’s Day to remember.


Looking for a cute & fun gift?  Perfect for kids, teens of even adults.  They are adorable & trendy.  They are Diffraction glasses.  When you look through them & into the lights, you see hearts.  They are so super cute!

Glo Fx Diffraction Glasses
Glo Fx Diffraction Glasses
Click on Photo to go to Glo Fx
Click on Photo to go to Glo Fx

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