Oh No! I’m Single On Valentine’s Day!!

Oh Now! I'm Single on Valentine's Day!

Oh Now! I’m Single on Valentine’s Day!

You’re alone on Valentine’s Day! Dear God, it feels like the worst thing in the world when it’s happening to you. You feel like Three Dog Night is singing the song “One is the Loneliest Number,” directly to you. What are you going to do on Valentine’s day single? If it falls on a Tuesday or a Saturday, it truly doesn’t matter. You still feel alone and unloved. Here are a few ideas to help you feel a little better on cupid’s day.

1. Grab your friend and go to dinner

Do you have a single friend or even a friend that happens to be alone on Valentine’s Day (due to her husband being overseas, working or even out of town). Make a date with your friend! Book your favorite restaurant or go out to a martini lounge. Everyone loves food and all my friends love desserts! Treat it like a date. Give her a friend’s Valentine’s day card and candy heart. It will make you feel better and you guys can spend Valentine’s Day together instead of alone.


2. Let the child light up your life

Are you a single mom? It’s okay! It’s a perfect opportunity for you to date your date/dates out! Take your kids out to dinner and make Valentine’s Day super special for them! It will make you feel better and you will light up their lives. Don’t have kids? That is okay too! Grab your niece, nephew or Godchild. Plan a day to take them out to dinner or out for ice cream! Make it special because they are the best Valentine’s anyone could ask for.


3. Grandparents need our love too

Do you have a grandma or grandpa that happens to be a widow? Don’t forget they are alone too. What a bonus! You can take out your grandma or grandpa as your Valentine and spend time with the one you love. Grandparents love their grandchildren and you will absolutely make their day. If they happen to live out to state or you are unable to spend time with them on Valentine’s Day, I do always suggest that you send them a Valentine’s Day card. Even with technology, texts and emails, cards are still so sweet. Plus, that is the way your grandparents would like it. Most grandparents don’t love technology, so it will brighten up their day when they receive a Valentine’s Day card from their favorite grandchild.

Take Grandma Out

Take Grandma Out

You don’t have to be alone on Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to feel like you’re the only one alone. But I do suggest that you make plans. When you sit home alone on Valentine’s Day, you think, think some more and tend to get depressed if you think about everyone else spending time with the ones they love. Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about your lover. It can be about the other people you love like friends, family and the children in your life. Doing something sweet for someone you love will also make you feel better. Make plans with someone you love this Valentine’s Day.

One of my favorite ecards. These crack me up!

One of my favorite your-ecards. These crack me up!


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