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Valentine’s Day Fashion Ideas

Valentine's Day is right around the corner

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner

How are you spending you’re Valentine’s Day? Going to the beach, walking around the park holding hands, going shopping and stopping for coffee with your love in the afternoon?  I know that some of you live in California, some in Texas and some in New York.  We have fans from across the world  with different climate everywhere.  Obviously the New Yorkers wouldn’t be able to wear the shorts for Valentine’s day, so pick the look that works for your area.  Here are some great Valentine’s Day Afternoon Date Looks for lounging around with the love of your life (but still looking super hot and fashionable).

Perfect For your Valentine’s Day on the Beach or afternoon shopping

Afternoon Look 2

Afternoon Look 4

Perfect for your lunch date on Valentine’s Day

Afternoon Look 3

Perfect for lounging around watching a movie at your boyfriends house

Afternoon Look 1

Now onto the fancy dinner! Here are some fabulous looks for the evening to make your night spicy and sexy.

Evening Look

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovely ladies 


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