Glamourous with Celebrity Make-Up Artist Melanie Mills

Who doesn’t LOVE great make-up? The way you put on your make-up is so important.  Do you know celebrity make-up artist Melanie Mills?  Melanie Mills is known for her glamourous makeup and perfectly sculpted bodies on television and film.  She is the author of the amazing make-up book: Glitter and GlamWe took a few minutes with celebrity make-up artist Melanie Mills to chat with her about some fabulous things. 

Melanie Mills

Melanie Mills

Would you like to WIN a copy of her book? What make-up item can you NOT live without & why?  Is it mascara? Foundation perhaps?  Comment below for a chance to win a copy of her book! A winner will be chosen on Wednesday, March 5, 2014!

What is your favorite eye shadow color?

Bronze! I think bronze looks good on everyone ,it’s an eye catching color that’s sexy and modern, and is a great blender for edges on smokey eyes as well. Every eye color looks great in it!

Radiant Dust Component with Swatches

I know you have worked on many television sets.  Any funny experiences working on set?

Oh my goodness, a movie SHOULD be made of my experiences… Backstage tears and meltdowns and also being a part of success and happiness. It’s been such a blessing to be able to work on so many different types of TV and film personalities, from musicians, athletes to fashion to models and photographers. It’s always an eye and brain opening experience… not to mention the drama that goes on between the hair and makeup departments alone!

A few memories stand out: Pro dancer Edyta (Śliwińska) screaming (she is a very nice gal FYI and it was just a case of nerves) that she is not dark enough 5 minutes before the live taping of an episode of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and literally she was so dark that she matched her partner Jason Taylor’s skin tone.


Marie Osmond passing out on live television


TV personality and writer Spike Feresten, when we were on location for his show, and walking the streets of Los Angeles doing fun live interviews, an older man came out of his house swinging a large container of detergent at him and the camera man …we had to run for dear life!


Gosh so many experiences … But these were funny!!!



What is your biggest fashion DO?

Perfect skin – gleaming skin fresh flawless from head to toe. Jewelry and scarves and tons of it! With statement shoes and purses. 

Lashes! Let’s not forget lashes… Constantly changing up and creating fresh looks, and never settling on “one” look. Be creative and draw from looks you see and love.

Face and Body Brush

What is something you CAN’T leave the house without?

Gloss, mascara, concealer, Gleam and my iPhone!


What inspired you to write Glitter and Glam: Dazzling Makeup Tips for Date Night, Club Night, and Beyond?

I had always dreamed of doing a Kevyn Aucoin inspired makeup book from the moment I got my hands on his… I did tons of “shoots” even before I had the dream of becoming a makeup artist. I wanted to freshen up the beauty section with hot, colorful and fun looks on all sorts of girls- celebrity or not! I wanted to share my tips and tricks and create a piece of art that will forever reflect my passion.

7 Gloss Shades line Up.White

What can we expect to see from you in 2014?

You will be seeing more of me on TV as a beauty expert , and lots of wonderful new additions to my line Gleam by Melanie Mills. I’m traveling a lot hitting all the beauty tradeshows getting the gleam word out!!! Lots of master classes…:)

Also I’m still with my Nickelodeon family shooting Sam & Cat and secret new future show of theirs …of course shooting and brainstorming for the book!!!!

Gleam ad

Melanie is beautiful and so talented.  Thank you Melanie for sharing your fabulous tips, loves and experiences with us.  I had a chance to read over her book and all I can say is “Oh my gosh.” The pictures are priceless. Absolutely gorgeous. The make-up is amazing and the tips are something that everyone needs to know. I’m in love with all the outstanding pictures, especially the snow white picture.  Great make-up tips throughout. This spectacular book sits on my coffee table now.


Would you like to win a copy of her book? What make-up item can you NOT live without & why?  Is it mascara? Foundation perhaps?  Comment below for a chance to win a copy of her book! A winner will be chosen on Wednesday, March 5, 2014.


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3 Responses to Glamourous with Celebrity Make-Up Artist Melanie Mills

  1. OneCurvyBlogger says:

    I cannot love without my eyeshadow pallets. I get bored with looks really quick and pallets make it convenient and fun to try new things! I also live on EOS lip balm. That stuff is a life saver with the weather we’ve been having!

  2. Catherine says:

    Fantastic interview! This book seems amazing! What girl wouldn’t want to learn some fashion tips and tricks for an industry professional?! : ) I definitely can’t go a day without my bare minerals powder foundation, and my lip gloss. I love wearing a subtle hint of lip color any day.

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