Do Blondes Have More Fun?


Do Blondes have more fun?  I went from a brunette to a blonde and literally my world changed.  People treated me differently just from a simple hair color.  Going from a brunette to a blonde changed the way people viewed me at work, in public and even in my family.  I appeared younger to people just from a simple hair color.  A hair color and literally change the way you view yourself, as well as others.

Brunette Robin

Brunette Robin

I turned 30 years old last year and was feeling a little old.  I didn’t even get cared at the grocery store.  Doesn’t everyone get carded at the grocery store?  Nope, not me.  I recently went blonde and I have been carded every single time since I have bought an alcoholic beverage!

Brunette Robin Getting Ready to go BLONDE!

Brunette Robin Getting Ready to go BLONDE!

There has always been the sang, “Blondes have more fun.” Is that true?  We’ll let me tell you from my experience that I never received so many compliments as a brunette.  90% of people told me that I look 3-5 years younger than I did before.  When I was a brunette, I personally felt like I couldn’t pull off wearing pink.  But now that I am a blonde, I feel as if I can totally pull off wearing pink again.


I did love my red lipstick and dark eye shadow as a brunette though.  I personally feel that I can’t get away with wearing the dark features on both without looking a little “cornery,” as a blonde.  I feel like I am younger and my confidence went up a little as a blonde.

Which Hair Color do you like better?

Which Hair Color do you like better?

I do work with a lot of older professional men and I feel that they view the blondes in the company differently than the brunettes.  I feel that they personally take the brunettes more seriously and stereotype the blondes as the young girls that don’t know it all.  I am ready to show them that blondes can be smart, educated, determined, motivated, successful, all while being bright and beautiful.

It also made me think about some celebs.  They seem to change their color all the time for a role here and there. Do they look better blonde or brunette? Is it different for each person or do you prefer blondes or brunettes over all?

B5 BB2 Blonde V Brown blonde-v-brunette0-909429_H110912_L

What are your thoughts about brunettes and blondes?


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  1. Lee Sharp says:

    Blondes 😉 Great article.

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