Vacation of a Lifetime

Are you looking to plan a vacation of a lifetime?


Not sure where to go? Well I have to say if you have or have not been to Miami before, you must go to The Palms Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach. A huge shout out to Erwin, the reservations manager! He was so attentive and responded professionally, affectionately and answered all of my questions before our stay.  The Palms Hotel is located in Miami Beach, FL, just minutes from the heart of South Beach, this is an unbelievable place to stay and I have to say if you haven’t been there, you must go!

We started our vacation off right! We took a limo ride to Midway airport in style.  We went through My Personal Chauffeur.  Our driver was early, super friendly and the ride was very smooth! He made the start to our vacation a memorable one.  If you live in the Chicago area, I highly recommend them! Absolutely superior service.

Once we got to the airport, we started off with breakfast.  No vacation breakfast is complete without mimosas and bloody marys.  As always, I flew Southwest.  One of my favorite airlines and always friendly (sometimes funny) service.  Always have an enjoyable time flying southwest.


We landed in Miami and was ready for our unforgettable experience! Pool, Spa, Ocean and an amazing time at The Palms Hotel and Spa


Of course, no vacation is complete without Francesca’s Fancy Flops. I lived in my flip flops, beach hat and sundress while in Miami!


If you stay at The Palms Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach, you must get an ocean view room.  That is an absolute must! Views from the room below:

Miami48 Miami57

Of course it’s called Palms Hotel and Spa for a reason- the spa! We had to utilize the spa and I am certainly glad we did! When you walk into the spa, it literally smells like heaven with all the amazing Aveda smells.  I can’t thank Spa Operations Manager Hernando del Castillo enough for his amazing customer service and friendliness.  When you receive a pedicure, you get a little plate of wine, cheese and an unforgettable experience.  The staff was extremely friendly and kind.

If you book a spa afternoon or day, make sure you go early.  There is a sauna and relaxing room to just take in some relaxation time.  It is so peaceful just to sit back and enjoy the moment.

I actually have my nail technician license so I can give you the best feedback! Ha.  My nail tech did an amazing job on my toes, but the massage part was about 2 minutes and not good in my opinion.  When I did nails, the massage was my favorite part as a nail technician because I knew that was my clients favorite part.  I personally feel that it should be about 5-10 minutes, strong and extremely relaxing.  I glanced over at my sister getting her massage and she seemed to get a nice massage, so just make sure you remind your nail tech to give you a good massage there.  That is the best part of a pedicure.

Miami21 Miami20

We also went to Barton G in Miami for dinner one night.  They have amazing dry ice martinis which make for an amazing experience.  I had the lobster mac and cheese.  it was honestly okay, but the martini was delicious.  I also had a chopped salad.  I would highly recommend that salad.  We sat outside which was a great environment.  It was a nice place, but think it’s a little overpriced for the value of the food.  I would honestly give it another try though.  I might go back there just for a few drinks and to split an appetizer.  The portions are huge and very creative.  It’s most definitely somewhere to go with a large group.

Miami16 Miami15

One thing I thought was cute at Barton G is that they served their bill in an envelope that stated “The Damage.” Super cute idea!


We went to the pool and the beach each day.  Both we’re amazing.  The service by the pool was outstanding.  The service at the beach was satisfactory/average.  So if you want constant drinks and good service, hang by the pool.  But you can’t miss out on the beach too because the views are amazing and the sand between your toes is a must! But I can’t rave enough about all the fabulous fruity drinks that we had.  I liked each one.  Not one bad drink.

Miami58 Miami34

Below are some photos of the pool at the hotel.  Relaxing, but there we’re also a lot of kids around.  It didn’t bother me at all.  They we’re all polite, but I know some people like to go to places with adult only pools.

Miami69 Miami4

We did have a cabana for a day, which was extremely nice and relaxing.  The only downfall to the cabana is that it was kind of far away from the pool area.  It would be perfect if they had a little pool by the cabana area.  The cabana staff is extremely friendly and they do come to check on your from time to time.  Some of the staff even come around to everyone to offer smoothie samples and cool towels to help you enjoy your afternoon at the pool and beach. Overall the cabanas there are very pleasant, relaxing and perfect place to take a nap as well!

Miami53 Miami51

The Palms Hotel and Spa is extremely involved in the community as well.  On Earth Day (yesterday), they did a clean-up on the beach.  Afterwards, they provided snacks and drinks to all the volunteers!


Below is the view from the lounge area outside of the Essensia restaurant.  Beautiful and peaceful.  The only downfall is the smoke.  In Chicago, no one smokes anywhere anymore, but there in Miami, people are lighting up next to you at the pool and lounge.  I had to move a few times because I am super sensitive to smoke, but if that doesn’t bother you, you will be fine.  The drinks there are amazing.  I strongly recommend the Lavender Rosemary Lemonade.  That was certainly my favorite drink at the lounge or restaurant.  I tried a few of them.  They are all good, but that one by far was my favorite.  Plus when we we’re in the restaurant, they set the end of the rosemary on fire and it smelt heavenly.


The squash dip is a must have! Fresh squash with pita bread for dippers.  Delicious and so fresh tasting.


My favorite aspect of the hotel was the restaurant Essensia.  It literally was my favorite and most delicious part of my vacation! Food is so important. The South Beach restaurant embraces a farm-to-table philosophy and offers a seasonal selection of global, wholesome cuisine made primarily with locally sourced ingredients – including an on-property Chef’s Organic Garden. Essensia takes great pride in being a conscious restaurant and places a genuine focus on the purity and taste of its menu.  If you know me, you know I love organic food and it truly does taste different.



The first night I had the lobster with a kale salad.  Literally out of this world.  I am not a fish person, nor do I like a fishy taste.  This lobster was absolutely amazing! The kale salad was so fresh and delicious.


We also had breakfast there every morning.  Fresh fruit, waffle station, omelet station & an array of options for meat and vegetarian goers.


On Wednesday we took a tour of the organic garden with  Signature Chef Julie Frans. She was extremely knowledgeable & it was educational and delicious! They grow many of the restaurants ingredients right there in the garden and we even got a chance to taste some delicious items straight from the garden! I literally couldn’t get enough of the organic tomatoes! They we’re to die for! If you don’t stay at the Palms Hotel, I can’t stress enough that you really need to go to Essensia! I think everything on their menu is honestly worth every penny.  Absolutely amazing, unforgettable and the most delicious food I have had in a very long time.

I have to say that Miami is the place to be and I most certainly will be taking a vacation there again.  It’s relaxing, has the beach, pool, drinks and everything relaxing.  It is perfect for either the family or a group of single girls. The Palms Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach is one fabulous place to stay in! It honestly has everything you need to have a vacation of a lifetime.



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  1. Missie says:

    We stayed here this month because of your positive and exciting post! Thanks for the recommendation!! We loved it!!!

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