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Celebrate National Zucchini Bread Day!

We are celebrating National Zucchini Bread Day today! I absolutely LOVE zucchini bread, so of course I was delighted to find out about this day! Did you know there was a National Zucchini bread day?


Check out this amazing Zucchini Bread from Berlin Natural Bakery! YUMMY!

Berlin Natural Bakery was established in 1986. Originally producing breads made from other varieties of wheat and spelt. Over the years we found spelt to be such a superior grain, that we discontinued our other line of wheat products altogehter. Today our bakery produces only products made with spelt. This proved to be beneficial in two ways. It completely eliminated any chance of cross contamination with “other wheat” varieties and allowed us to focus our energy on the research and development of additional spelt products. This site contains a complete list of the products that we now have available.


Have an amazing National Zucchini Bread Day!


1 thought on “Celebrate National Zucchini Bread Day!”

  1. My darling daughter gave me a loaf of this bread just recently. It is absolutely delicious. …and gone. It is just the right amount of sweet for after a meal. And yes, it quite possibly could be a meal as well. Dress it up any way you want or not at all. It’s great to have a loaf in the freezer for unexpected guests. That’s what I’m going to do…as long as I refrain from being the unexpected guest.

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