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Bachelorette Weekend in South Haven, MI

A Bachelorette Weekend


Remember the days of getting the limo, getting a wild and crazy night, going into the city and celebrating the bride to be? Well move over wild and crazy night because relaxing girls weekends are the new thing! Treat your bridesmaids, friends and family to a relaxing weekend away and enjoy some fun quality time together. Mini vacas are the new way to spend a bachelorette party. Of course, everyone does theirs a little different, but here is what we did:

We planned an exciting, but very relaxing weekend away in South Haven, Michigan. An amazing town with plenty to do, but still has the small town feel.  And everything is right by the water! The morning of our departure we all met at my house for breakfast, mimosas and packing the cars.

We had a vintage themed and the walls we’re covered with old vintage lingerie ads:


Everyone was welcomed with a goodie bag for the exciting weekend to come.

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The goodie bags included snacks, bottle water, customized wine sippy glasses and more!


Of course the water bottle labels had to be customized as well! You can make them on your own computer, print out and tape on the bottles.


Of course the breakfast items the morning of had to be themed as well! I got white donuts and printed out bright pink diamonds.  I taped tooth picks to the back and pushed them in to look like giant diamonds!


The sippy wine cups we’re from Make it My Design and honestly turned out cuter than I thought they even could! Make it My Design will customize anything for you!


Tracey’s Goodie Bag included a shirt for her to wear from The House of Bachelorette, which was personalized! Super Cute!! Loved it! I honestly couldn’t have been happier with how this FUTURE MRS OGDON tank came out! I personally think that the tank top is a must for brides to be to wear out on their last night or pre-wedding fun! Her bag also included a Flip Flop Beach Bag from The Flip Flop Bitch. Ha, yes, funny name, but super cute beach bag and she can use it for her wedding as well.  It’s a beach bag that comes with a little matching bag for her flip flops as well.  She was super excited and LOVED everything in her bag!

We started our adventure and we’re on our way to South Haven, Michigan.

10471050_10204198772954416_4707571324535407476_n 10521654_10204198772554406_1160981662432501797_n

The Downtown area is super cute with tons of adorable little shops.  Of course I had loads of bags leaving from shopping. Ha! They even have an adorable shop called the Blueberry Store filled with tons of goodies with blueberry favorites! They had fresh 5 lbs of blueberries as well.  The store smelled just amazing!

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We went to 12 Corners Winery in South Haven, MI for a wine tasting.  It was so much fun and DELICIOUS wine! You even finished off with a piece of delicious chocolate!


We went out to eat on Saturday night at TASTE.  They had a Watermelon Martini that was so delicious and I highly recommend the sushi! But if you go, you can NOT go without having the tomato bisque soup! It is an absolute MUST.  I did wipe out bad (floor level goes down a bit) when we first walked in, but overall it was an absolutely amazing experience.


We ordered a cake from Golden Brown Bakery which turned out super cute.  Taste was kind enough to keep it there until we go there as well.  In my opinion, Golden Brown Bakery was a treat.  Great cake, great price and very cute design.


On Saturday Night, we all got our lipstick on and kissed the frame for the bride to be! After the lipstick dried, we all signed it with our names for a keepsake for the bride to be.  A must have for your next bachelorette party/weekend.


We stayed at the Sun ‘n Sand Resort – a truly historic property – is the last of many farm resorts in South Haven dating back to the 1920s. It was owned and operated by Max and Lena Weinstein during the summer vacation era when South Haven was known as the “Catskills of the Midwest”. The property was purchased in the early 1950’s by their daughter, Claire and her husband, Harold Wolf, who changed the name to the Sun ‘n Sand Motel.

10492443_10204198776394502_7347581611260787867_n 10524587_10204198773314425_736720389176329172_n

I honestly wouldn’t recommend anywhere else other than Sun n’ Sand Resort in South Haven! It’s a must and the staff is SO extremely professional and friendly! They have a peaceful setting and a salt water pool! They have a room in the main check in building where you can also host events.  I was obsessed with the old 50’s chandeliers in there! Just stunning and gorgeous! The setting at the resort was so peaceful and relaxing all day.  Sadly it rained on Saturday night, so we we’re not able to do Smores at the campfire area, but it looked super fun and well… we will just have to go back! They have more pictures on their Facebook page as well.

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I even shipped some decorations ahead of time and they we’re so kind to put them up! I highly recommend contacting your hotel or resort to do the same, it’s a super sweet and special surprise for your party!

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Have fun planning your bachelorette weekend for your special bride to be! Make it special, think of every little thing and make it a moment to remember for the rest of her life.  Please feel free to share your ideas and places your have been on your bachelorette weekends!



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