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What’s a Honeymoon Shower all about?

What is a honeymoon shower all about?

Honeymoon showers are absolutely perfect for a couple that already lives together, already has all the household items they need, a second marriage or just something different! I have just hosted a honeymoon shower and wanted to share all of my ideas with everyone!

We focused the honeymoon shower on travel.  It was a travel theme from the invites to the favors.

First thing is first.  You need the invites! We went with a vintage postcard theme for the invites themselves.  You can ask the Bride and Groom to be to register at a travel agency for their honeymoon or just make a special note about their honeymoon in the invites.


Next step is all the decorating! Travel theme is is.  So what do you need?  Maps! Lots and lots of maps.  You can order free maps online for all the states!

We made a backdrop for the dessert table.  The backdrop was all the different maps from around the US! We also cut out map hearts and hung them on fishing string.  We made tons of map fans to decorate the area with! It turned out SUPER cute! We had desserts from different areas of the world, for example: German Cake to Italian Cookies! A variety of different desserts! One of the biggest hits was the honey sticks! Everyone LOVED the honey sticks and they come in so many different colors and flavors! My favorite Nature’s Kick Honeystix flavor was watermelon! I also love preservative free delicious goods and Berlin Natural Bakery is the place to go! They have delicious and soft cookies, fresh pumpkin and even zucchini bread!! We also had Mariano’s pastries.  You can never go wrong with Mariano’s! We had amazing and delicious pies from Lobster Gram (yes they have pies too!) and Texas Pie Company! Lobster Gram has hands down the best Key Lime Pie anyone has ever tasted! And Texas Pie Company has so many amazing pies to choose from.  They have a to die for pecan pie.  If you like pecans, you will love this one.  It’s sweet and your guests will leave talking about it! Just a head’s up, prepare yourself to spend some time on this backdrop.  It took me about 15 hours to do everything for it, but I believe it was all worth it.  On the left end we had some old vintage luggage with some fake airline tickets with the bride and grooms name on them.

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Dessert Table Room, Check! Now onto the food and drink room.  We had a few different drinks in the drink area.  We had a champagne punch with was a HUGE hit and I refilled a few times.  It was super simple.  It was pink lemonade, champagne (We used the Barefoot Champagne for it), splash of lime juice, splash of cranberry juice and you are done! We poured some pink lemonade in ice trays and threw some in here and there to keep the punch cold.  It’s a great alternative to ice because it’s the same mixture as the punch. We topped the punch off with fresh strawberries (soaked overnight in champagne) and fresh lemon slices (we froze overnight to help keep the punch cold).

Then we had to do sangria too! We customized the mason jars to match and put their names and dates on the mason jars as well! What better way to top off the drink table then some custom popcorn.  It was champagne and strawberry popcorn from Kernel Encore! The popcorn even had edible glitter! I was obsessed with it! It also tastes scrumptious which is even better!

461 10527445_10204344424195606_3071334552769895487_n




Now onto the food.  We did food from around the world! We had food from Japan, Italy, Germany and more! It was perfect.  We had a little station with a little sign for each country.  You can do whatever countries you would like.  It’s so perfect and you have something everyone will love! For Italy, we had a little Italian Bread/Olive Oil Station.  We had a few olive oils to choose from, including California Oranges Gourment Olive Oils. Spirnkle a lil parm cheese and perfecto!

3466 346

One of my favorite touches of the honeymoon shower was the card/gift table! We grabbed an old suitcase, put a CARDS sign hanging from it and put some history to it.  We gathered grandparents and great-grandparents wedding photos and put them in old vintage frames.  The table turned out super adorable and I would do it again for any wedding shower! Love the idea!

5 3

We also made sure every little touch was there! We made custom napkin rings with the name and date:


We made them a custom FUTURE MR AND MRS sign.  I think it’s adorable and super cute! Just print out on your computer and cut out.


We had games at the shower and also had a few little touches for guests to do throughout the shower.  We had a JENGA game set up in a dish with a sign.  Guests could put their wedding advice to the bride and groom on the jenga piece and then it was a keepsake for the bride and groom.  And who doesn’t love playing Jenga?  It’s a game they will always have and memories they will always hold.  In addition, we had a vintage postcard section where guests could write their wishes and notes to the bride and groom.  After they we’re done, they placed their vintage postcard in the mailbox.  The mailbox was also a great keepsake for the bride and groom.

1920405_10204344413275333_2335428599811658024_n 12 10441275_10204344413675343_2469393250434040049_n



Our centerpieces we’re also travel themed.  We used the maps from the travel agencies and tourism offices to put on the outside of the vases.  Then, we ordered white roses (wholesale from Fifty Flowers and put them together! They turned out adorable!

1459815_10204344412915324_9098222466034396175_n 10003878_10204341251996303_1633589512182261084_n

You can’t forget favors! We did homemade peanut butter cookie bars for everyone’s favors at the shower:


Also, little touches are so important to me, so we had custom guest towels in the bathroom and custom napkins on the dessert and drink tables as well.  Napkins Personalized has everything for your napkin needs!


Kernel Encore Gourmet Popcorn

We had tons of little snacks throughout the party in various dishes.  We had some amazing organic candy from Torie & Howard. They are small, delicious and perfect for a party! Of course we had nuts, little chocolates (including Brookside Chocolate Covered Blueberries).  The Blueberries are always a big hit!  Check out more photos from the honeymoon shower on our Pinterest page! What are your travel shower/honeymoon shower ideas?  Hopefully you love ours and feel free to duplicate for your upcoming honeymoon shower!









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