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It’s ALL about PIE!

All About Pie

Lobster Gram Key Lime Pie!
Lobster Gram Key Lime Pie!

What is your Favorite Pie? Apple, Chocolate? Do you like it a’la mode?

Baker’s Square French Silk

We tasted some amazing pies!

One of my favorite pies is French Silk! It’s simple, perfect and hits the chocolate spot.

If you love Key Lime, you MUST try Lobster Gram’s Fresh KeyLime Pie! It’s fresh, tart, tangy and made with real keylime juice! If you love KeyLime pie, you love the tartness of it, honestly you must try this one!

Texas Pie Company

Do you love Apple Pie? The Elegant Farmer’s Apple Pie in a bag! I said that correctly, it’s apple pie and you cook it right in the bag.  I took it out of the box frozen, threw it on a cookie sheet and cooked away.


Homemade, preservative free and real ingredients are the utmost important to me! The Texas Pie Company has homemade deliciousness! We served the Southern Pecan pie and it was a HUGE hit. It was by far everyone’s favorite non-fruit pie! I honestly am not the biggest fan of pecan’s, but I gave it a try and honestly it was so sweet and delightful! I am a HUGE chocolate fan and their Almond Joy pie is absolutely amazing! Just LOVE IT & I am not a huge coconut fan! It has coconut, chocolate chips and sliced almonds on top. The Strawberry Peach sounds amazing and I am definitely trying that one next!

PiesII Pies

A little ice cream with your pie? Did you know that they have pies with ice cream now? Coldstone Creamery has delicious pies with ice cream! How can you go wrong with a Cookie Dough Pie?

mintastic cookiedough

Personally for me, my top two favorite pies are French Silk and Apple Pie (with the crumb topping of course! What about you?


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