The Little Things…

We feel that it is important to include all the little things in all the important things in life. Like Weddings!


We just wanted to share five things that we feel are essential to the “Little Things,” in weddings.

1. Napkins

Personalizing napkins for the drink table, food tables and dessert tables are special and something that everyone remembers! Gives that special touch!


2. Flip Flops Galore!

You need to have fabulous flip flops for your guests to dance the night away! Francesca’s Fancy Flops will customize any flip flop wedding basket for you! You can order online or email them at

il_570xN.471840281_kg0e il_570xN.616863350_6yfv il_570xN.471819784_hm2t3. Glasses Galore!

It’s a super special touch that no one will forget! Customize wedding glasses for the bride and groom or even the entire bridal party.  Things Remembered has some amazing glasses from champagne glasses to mason jars that you can customize for the bride and groom or wedding party! I recommend doing the engraving without the color.  It looks amazing and it’s an extremely special touch that the bride/groom and bridal party will always cherish!


4. Flowers, Flowers and more flowers!

Who doesn’t love flowers?  Surround yourself with flowers.  Make sure their are flowers everywhere from the card table, centerpieces and even throw little ones on the bar as well! The little touches that really matter.

10606105_10103985496829220_1652887307366025271_n 10592810_10204344414355360_4891950943364992738_n

5. Personalize the Sweets

Personalize everything at the sweet table to make it a little more special for the bride and groom.  Let everything the guests pick up make them say Aww! You can even personalize fortune cookies to have customize fortunes inside! Have love quotes from the bride and groom’s favorites books, tv shows, etc!  Nature’s Kick Honey Stix are a super cute addition to any dessert table! Custom colors and TONS of flavors to choose from! Sherrie Core Designs also has adorable suckers that has out of this world amazing flavors! A must have for your dessert table is also Kernel Encore Gourmet Popcorn Wedding Cake Popcorn!



We will share our DIY Wedding Blog write-up shortly with tons of great ideas.  Stay tuned for photos and some amazing ideas…


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Francesca's Fancy flops have been worn by celebrities from Jerseylious, Real Housewives of Orange County, Mob Wives, Basketball Wives, American Idol stars, Chicagolious to Full House star Candace Cameron Bruce and so much more! Fancy Flops was a part of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Celebrity gift bags. We have been featured on Fox 2 News & numerous magazine/newspaper articles. Author Robin LeeAnne started the blog to write about all things fabulous from travel to incredible products!
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  1. Jenny says:

    Love the mason jars!

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