DIY Garden Wedding

Skip the wedding planner and do it yourself! It can all be done without a wedding planner (along with help of bridal party, family and friends). One bride Tracey took her dreams and make them a reality. She wanted a garden style wedding and that is exactly what she got! Please feel free to be inspired by all of her DIY Garden Wedding Ideas!

Wedding 8_9_2014 IC

Mr & Mrs Ogdon

The wedding was held at her in-laws beautiful home!

Wedding 8_9_2014 VI Wedding 8_9_X

Tracey set the chairs up outside with the beautiful greenery background. They even finished a few old vintage doors for the background as well! It was a stunning backdrop to her vows! They didn’t have a ring bear, they had an adorable ring doggy! His name was binks and he was just too adorable! Bow tie and all!

Wedding 8_9_2014 LO Wedding 8_9_2014

Because it was outside Tracey gave her guests Parasols and other items to help them block the sun. It was a super classy and sweet touch for her guests!

   Wedding 8_9_2014 FansII Wedding 8_9_2014 Fans

Wedding 8_9_2014 Ceromony

Was also in love with the signs everywhere! Love the vintage signs.  One of my favorite signs at the wedding was “Pick a Seat, not a side..Today we are all family.” One of my favorite signs I have ever seen at a wedding!


Wedding 8_9_2014 VIIIII Wedding 8_9_2014 2

The bride and groom wrote their own vows and brought a tear to everyone’s eyes.

Wedding 8_9_2014 LMWedding 8_9_2014 3


After the vows were said, everyone tried their eyes and clapped for the new Mr. & Mrs. Ogdon.. the party began! Tracey had mason jars for everyone.  Their were tags on each jar for you to put your name on them and they were yours to keep if you wanted.  Bartenders are a great addition in my opinion and a must! The drink stations/ bars we’re right next to the inground pool.  A beautiful setting.  Her colors were periwinkle/blue and orange.  So her signature drink was a blueish color & called “Something Blue.”

Wedding 8_9_2014 XIV Wedding 8_9_2014 T

Even the bride and groom had their very own custom mason jars from Things Remembered. The jars stated BRIDE or GROOM and a line from the movie Princess Bride saying “As You Wish.”

Things Remembered Custom Mason Jars

Things Remembered Custom Mason Jars

Then, onto the stunning centerpieces.  They were rustic, earthly and filled with flowers! Their were custom wood slices from Chicago Salvage Works on each table with fresh California Oranges. There was also oranges roses and hydrangeas on each table.  The finishing touch we’re the handmade candle holders made from old wine bottles!

Wedding 8_9_2014 V Wedding 8_9_2014 PL

Even the card caddy was special.  It was filled with California Oranges, along with handmade cages for the cards & wishes.  There were beautiful handmade flower pens to write your wishes with!

Wedding 8_9_2014 IV

Card & Wish Cages

The dessert table was filled with Mariano’s custom cupcakes, custom fortune cookies (that had custom fortunes inside), Chocolate chip cookies, custom mint rolls, Italian cookies, Nature’s Kick honey sticks (so delicious and they have TONS of colors),  candy, Kernel Encore custom popcorn (they have tons of colors as well, to match any wedding colors),

Wedding 8_9_2014_IIOutdoors she had an outdoor yard game area with an oversized Jenga game! Super cute and everyone loved it! Great idea to keep your guests entertained as well! Outside there was all a flip flop basket from Francesca’s Fancy Flops.  That way guests could flip off their heels and change into a pair of flip flops for some outdoor game fun! Inside she had a photo booth set up to take funny pictures and remember the day!

Wedding 8_9_2014 Flip Flops Wedding 8_9_2014 OG

The area where they said their vows soon became a stunning backdrop that everyone wanted to use for photos!

Wedding 8_9_2014 KL

On the porch sat a swing.  The burlap custom pillow sat along the swing.

My Nest Creations Custom Pillow

My Nest Creations Custom Pillow

Beautiful custom hanger from Carolina Twist! These make for amazing pictures and such a sweet and special touch!

Carolina Twist Hanger

Carolina Twist Hanger

Custom Guest Towels in the bathroom from Napkins Personalized.  It’s the special touches that your guests walk away remembering!

Guest Towels in BathroomThe food was served inside from a local catering company and had everyone from pig roast to fish dishes.  Something for everyone’s taste. Then it was time for favors! Tracey & Alexander did custom local honey jar for all of their guests to take home! The honey jars we’re actually mini mason jars from the Mason Jar Shoppe (keeping with the rustic theme).  They were simply adorable! Special touch that everyone remembers and keeping with the outdoor garden theme. They also had mini mason jar oil lamps throughout the event! They were a super cute touch and still keeping with the theme!

Wedding 8_9_2014 VIIIThe tags on the local mason honey jars (tied with periwinkle & orange ribbon):

Honey Jar Tags

No detail was forgot at the Ogdon wedding!

Wedding 8_9_2014 VII

 This outdoor garden wedding was stunning and unforgettable! To see more photos, ideas and more of the Ogdon wedding, please check out our pinterest page!

Blogger Robin LeeAnne & Bride Tracey Ogdon

Blogger Robin LeeAnne & Bride Tracey Ogdon


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12 Responses to DIY Garden Wedding

  1. Cathleen says:

    Very well said, Francesca. Your pictures of Alex and Tracey’s wedding are beautiful.

  2. Chris says:

    super blog great job and you did a great job planning

  3. Lynn says:

    This looks like it was so much fun! So many great ideas!

  4. joann says:

    So creative and absolutely stunning great job!

  5. Jenny says:

    I’m going to use some of these ideas for my May wedding!!!

  6. Amy Hahn says:

    Love these ideas. Chad & I are going to do the honey favors for our guests

  7. Kristen says:

    Great ideas! Beautiful & Classy wedding

  8. Dorothy says:

    Enjoyed reading the story. Artistic and Gorgeous Ideas! I love the hangers. We did those for my friend’s wedding and it was a very special touch.

  9. Barb says:

    I am going to share this with my daughter. She just got engaged and wants a garden stylee wedding. Thank you for posting!

  10. Denise Woodward says:

    Great Ideas!

  11. Chris & David says:

    We are going to do the honey tubs for our wedding next year! Thanks for the suggestion!

  12. Jackie says:

    Love these suggestions!

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