Cancer Awareness

It Could Happen to Anyone we love…

Kimberly is a vibrant, 44 year old single mother of a six year old little girl. While Kimberly has lived a high functioning, healthy and active lifestyle, unbeknown to most, Kimberly has been battling kidney disease for 26 years. When Kimberly was only 19 years old and in the throes of her sophomore year in college, Kimberly’s body suddenly swelled from head to toe. Kimberly was rushed from school and after extensive testing was diagnosed with Glomerulonephritis, a chronic kidney disease which would eventually lead to kidney failure. Despite her youth, she took her health very seriously and immediately set out on a path of healing through strict adherence to her doctors’ instructions as well as holistic strategies such as yoga, meditation and a carefully planned diet. After four years, Kimberly’s doctors were thrilled and mystified by her health and agreed that Kimberly could temporarily manage her illness without medication. Kimberly’s hard work and commitment to her health paid off and as her doctors’ would report, Kimberly miraculously remained asymptomatic for decades.
Kimberly who is naturally a giver, has devoted herself not only to her own health, but to successfully guide tens of thousands of others on their path to health as well. Ironically, should Kimberly have read a message such as this, her first question would undoubtedly be “how can I help?” Being around Kimberly is in itself a healing experience. She has an uncanny gift of bringing into the light the most beautiful parts of one’s spirit. Many do not know that Kimberly lost her mother to a degenerative neurological brain disease 8 years ago. For the last four years of her mother’s life, her mother was mute, paralyzed from the neck down, and bed ridden with a trach tube, feeding tube, and oxygen. Kimberly quietly cared for her mother single handedly never wishing to be a burden on anyone or elicit sympathy in any way. Kimberly is treating her kidney disease in this same manner.

After her mother passed away, Kimberly and her husband struggled with fertility issues for seven years until her daughter Reagan was born. Reagan was a miracle baby in that she had to be delivered early in order to save Kimberly’s kidneys, which were close to failing in the 6th month of pregnancy. Kimberly nearly died giving birth to her 3 lb premature daughter. One year after her daughter was born Kimberly was told that she was in Stage Four Kidney Disease and would need a transplant. Like her mommy, Reagan is a fighter. In spite of the many complications often associated with prematurity, Reagan is a very smart, funny and healthy little girl. Kimberly is devoted to raising her daughter with integrity, honor, and kindness. Reagan is an empathetic, kind, and compassionate child.
10670024_10152612036878213_132809088177938983_n Kimberly is an extremely private person. For Kimberly, publicizing her story is a personal struggle as is being on the receiving end of give and take. As her friends have understood her imminent need, we are launching a campaign to raise awareness to help her find a suitable DONOR and to raise MONEY for ongoing medical and alternative treatment. Kimberly is now on the transplant list. It takes 3-5 years to get to the top of the list but her doctors are advising her that she will not be able to wait that amount of time for a kidney. We are reaching out to the general population to find a suitable donor. We were born with two kidneys so that we could share one!

I couldn’t imagine if this was my sister, best friend or family member.  I wanted to share this with all of you. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Feel free to share, donate if possible or contact her about being a donor on her Facebook page.


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