Cancer Awareness

Appreciate What You Have!

This remarkable woman Abagail wanted to share her breast cancer story with everyone.  It’s a story of determination, courage, strength and so much more! In Abagails words, “I also think that stage 4 scare was Gods way of saying appreciate what you have and don’t take your life for granted.” We couldn’t agree more.  Appreciate everyday that you have with your loved ones.  Say I love you as often as possible and appreciate all things in life. Our prayers and thoughts are with her! We think she will make an OUTSTANDING nurse!


My story starts like many others; I found a lump in my right breast and thought it was no big deal. I am 34 years old and there is no family history. I couldn’t have cancer; I just had twin boys 5 months ago, a 9 year old daughter, and a husband of 2 years. A couple weeks later I went to my doctor for my physical for nursing school and told her I found a lump. I then went and had an ultrasound and mammogram done and was told I needed a biopsy to confirm that the lump was benign. I got the call the next day on July 2, 2014 from my doctor who said those dreaded words, “You have breast CANCER.”
I went to the University of Chicago cancer center where I met with my oncologist who ordered many other tests. One showed another lump in the left breast and the other showed spots on my lungs. I was told the cancer was stage 4 and that the cancer had spread to my lungs. After a biopsy on the lungs my doctor sent me an email saying it was a miracle I don’t have stage 4, I have a lung infection! What a scare, for 2 weeks my family and friends thought I was beyond repair.

Turns out I am only have stage 3 and after all the scares I had, I am extremely blessed and happy with stage 3! I made a Facebook page to help keep everyone in my family updated on my journey and it has turned into a page filled with family, friends, and strangers who are all keeping tabs and praying for me and my family! Everything that has happened during this Journey is all “Gods Plan”. I found that lump because I knew what normal felt like because of my sister in law who at 29 had gone through her own breast cancer journey. If it weren’t for her telling me to always know what my normal felt like I would not have thought twice about this lump. I also think that stage 4 scare was Gods way of saying appreciate what you have and don’t take your life for granted.

I started my first round of chemo on August 8, 2014 and then had my port put in a couple days later. I am not going to say I like chemo but it is what is going to kill this cancer so I am going to take it like a woman. Chemo for me makes me very sick and extremely tired for 5-8 days but then I get back to me and feel great. On August 22, 2014 I had a feeling on my scalp that felt like I had a too tight ponytail in and the next day my hair started falling out. The hair will grow back and I will soon feel like a normal 34 year old mother and wife, I just have to get through this speed bump! I am pushing on and staying as positive as possible knowing that God will get me through and he has a plan for me once this is over.
I have only asked questioned “WHY me and why now” one time, I will never have answers to that so I have decided to not question why my life has taken this dramatic turn. I will be stronger and better once this is over and sometimes the worst things happen for the best reasons. My plan is to finish nursing school and become a nurse in Oncology and help others going through cancer. I am leaving all my worries and faith in God’s hands.
My journey may not be good but please know that CANCER can attack anyone. So PLEASE do self exams and if there is something suspicious please call your doctor and have it checked. The earlier cancer is caught the better the treatment! God Bless!



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