What Do I Get Him for Christmas?

Christmas is coming!! OH NO! Now what to get everyone? We are here! We have some great, fabulous and fantastic gift ideas! Take a moment to read through some of our suggestions and please feel free to share your own as well! Christmas day is only 47 days away!


1. The Litter Girl or Boy in Your Life.
Is it your Daughter, niece, Goddaugther, friend, etc.. Give them a gift that they can cherish forever! Give them a custom book! I See Me has the best! They have books that even come with blankets and teddy bears! It honestly does not get any cuter than this! They are made exceptionally well and are truly an unforgettable gift!  It’s a unique gift that lasts forever! You can even choose a little personal message to whomever you give the book too.  In addition, you can add a picture of your little one in the beginning of the book. I was extremely impressed at the quality of the books! The last day for Christmas delivery is the 15th and this is a gift that you definitely want to get your little one in your life! Check out the Facebook page for more pictures, updates and more!  Also- we would love to share a coupon code with you!-Enter code YIPEE at checkout at ISeeMe.com Expires 11/17/2014 



Who doesn’t love a HUGE bear! Gund has the cutest and LARGEST ones that I have seen! What little child wouldn’t love a huge giant bear at Christmas?


2. What about all the men?
What to get the men in your life? Do you have a techy guy or a male in your life that travels a lot? How about Shave Tech! It’s a small shaver, literally the size of a phone and you can charge it in your computer! Seriously! Isn’t that amazing? Click here to go to the page!

ima235ges whiteusbshaver3

Another amazing “Man Gift,” is a wallet! Wallets are a man’s best friend! The Wallet Shoppe is your one stop shop for that! The Bellroy Wallets are thin and perfect! Guys are always complaining about the bulkiness of the wallets out there and this is the absolute perfect solution!

Bellroy Wallet

3. The Teacher, Mom, Boss.. Etc
a. Candles are everyone’s favorite and must have for the home! Colonial Candles make great housewarming gifts, teacher gifts and gifts for your family and friends. They smell stunning, completely affordable, have great sizes and tons of variety! They have a huge variety of sizes which is great for small and large gift budgets. These candles are economical and smell delightful! I think this is the go to candle if you need a price variety or you are using them for table settings because they do look very nice layered.  The are practical, can be layered and have a variety of sizes that is perfect for any budget.

267002-xColonialCandleApothecary41 Colonial-Candle-Gift-CD-and-Candle-CountryMusicRocks.net_

4. Who loves nuts and fruit?
You should definitely try CA oranges! It’s the gift that gives to the heart and tummy! Everyone loves gifts that they can eat! It’s perfect for the grandparents, sisters, brothers. I personally think that food related gifts are perfect for someone you aren’t sure about either. They have lime, orange and lemon infused olive oils. If you are puzzled on what to get that person, definitely go with food. It’s always a winner!

Citrus_Oil_Set_Th NutPack(16oz)_Th

5. A gift that sparkles!
Are you looking for a high-end candle gift that sparkles like no other! Agraria makes a beautiful gift! The glass container it comes in is simply gorgeous. But I would have to say that the diffuser is absolutely my favorite.


The flower instead of the sticks is a special touch and uniquely different!  It has a light smell that is not overwhelming and the container is elegant and simple. I think it’s an amazing gift for any woman in your life that LOVES high end elegant items! If you like a light scent, this is the one to buy.  It isn’t strong. So if you like a stronger scent, the Bitter Orange Agraria may not be the one for you.


It’s the perfect gift for the Candle Lover! They do run around $50 for the small diffuser & the large one run about $120- so there is a price range if you need to stay around a particular budget.

il_570xN.382751018_77z7 il_570xN.537398795_fjyd

6. Chocolate Chocolate and What is that Nail Polish?

Do you have anyone on your list that LOVES chocolate?  A girl, woman, friend or even your mom?  How about a chocolate manicure set from Candy Cottage!  That is all edible! Can you believe it? It’s delicious, good and honestly one of the best gifts to give a girl!


7. My All Time Favorite Candle!
Seriously I can’t love this candle more! Well maybe it’s the scent. The container it comes in is stylish & simple! It is black and white! Who doesn’t love black and white? Infusion Organique is honestly now one of my favorite candles! Indochine is the most amazing smell I honestly have ever smelt! I am completely obsessed with the smell! It’s perfect for year round! Acai Rain is also amazing! The diffuser is stunning and smells the room up with a perfect scent. I did notice I had to turn the sticks every few days to get the full effect in the room, but once I did, it started smelling amazing again! I personally really like this diffuser because it’s a bit stronger and I like a stronger smell! The candles are perfect and honestly go year round which is very nice & I think a lot of people tend to give holiday candles that you can only use for another week or two after Christmas. Also- If you would like, please use RUDOLPH for 25% off Acai Rain & HOLIDAY2014 for 20% off everything else!

candles__97970.1400517819.500.600 acai_diffuser__59566.1400517633.500.600

8.The Southern Lover


Who loves Mason Jars!? We do! You must check out the Mason Jar Shoppe! They have everything you need and tons of amazing Mason Jar gifts.  They have mini mason jar lights, ornaments and so much more!

734394_493904940674281_2050971427_n9. Flip Flop Lover

Do you have a friend or family member that is obsessed with flip flops?  Well look NO further! Francesca’s Fancy Flops has everything you need!

1979510_780487011963084_1362373098_n 10264534_869512563060528_6371793874203405853_n

They have foldable flip flops that go perfect in any stocking, blinged out crystals flip flops for the next beach front vacation and even flip flop wreaths! Check out the Facebook page for tons of pics! They even have a perfect gift topper- Fabulous in Flip Flops- A Flip Flop Guide book!

10372034_816635155014936_5195527451976531263_n 10485530_844287095583075_1795339357875011620_n

10.Sweet as Sugar

Looking for a great gift, but what it to be super small or are you looking for a gift topper that is unique? How about your own sugar scrub?  Make your own, even add holiday colors to it! Makes an amazing gift for teachers, neighbors and more! It also make a great Christmas favor.  Put it by everyone’s wine glass at dinner for them to take a special treat home with them!

SAMSUNG11. To Work-Out- Hiking Gift!

Do you have someone that works out on your Christmas List?  How about someone that loves hiking, camping and the outdoors?  The Zero Water Tumbler is perfect! Portable Filtration on the go! Perfect for your yoga friends too!



About francescasflopsandfun

Francesca's Fancy flops have been worn by celebrities from Jerseylious, Real Housewives of Orange County, Mob Wives, Basketball Wives, American Idol stars, Chicagolious to Full House star Candace Cameron Bruce and so much more! Fancy Flops was a part of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Celebrity gift bags. We have been featured on Fox 2 News & numerous magazine/newspaper articles. Author Robin LeeAnne started the blog to write about all things fabulous from travel to incredible products!
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19 Responses to What Do I Get Him for Christmas?

  1. Denise H. says:

    That Agraria is breathtaking and really like the glass it comes in. I have Cedar Rose on my kitchen table right now. I am going to order a few for Christmas! I am definitely going to try the Organique diffuser! I also recommend Dayna Decker’s diffusers.

  2. Stephanie R. says:

    Lime infused Olive Oil! I am going to have to give that one a try!

  3. Dana Thornburg says:

    I love the kids book idea! I am going to look at one of those for my nephews gift! Thank you!

  4. Sarah says:

    Is everything in that nail polish kit edible? That is amazing!

  5. Liz says:

    You gave me a great idea! I think I am going to stick flip flops in everyone’s stocking this year! Great idea! We live in Florida and they can be used pretty much year round! I love the basket idea! I think I will put them all in a basket with tags of To & From!

  6. Janice T. says:

    Merry Christmas Francesca! Thank you for the ideas.

  7. Sara says:

    Just ordered a pair of flip flops and putting together everything to order a T’was the Night Before Christmas book! Love the ideas! Thank you!

  8. Lori says:

    Love these ideas! Just bought an abundance of candles! They make great gifts.

  9. Kate S. says:

    Love the book idea!

  10. Cate says:

    Great Ideas

  11. Linda LaTorra says:

    I love candles! I think it’s the perfect gift for housewarmings, women and I know I enjoy getting them as well! Always looking for great new candles to try!

  12. Alyssa says:

    My son has an I SEE ME book. They are perfect gifts

  13. Carrie says:

    Good ideas. That book looks adorable for my nephew.

  14. Tracy says:

    I think I’m gonna buy my husband that wallet. That is pretty amazing how slim it is.

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