A Thanksgiving to Remember

It’s the little touches and the little things in life that we remember.  I wanted to take a moment and share our Thanksgiving with you!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

I am into the little things, little signs, tags, etc! I used free printable here. I am also a huge SIGN person.  I searched the internet and found tons of different signs to print out and frame throughout the room.


Straws with Thanksgiving flags

Check out these adorable straws we made with the free printable and paper straws from Target! First thing is first and that is the decorating! You want the perfect setting to go with your themed.  I went for a light tablecloth (burlap like) and used props to make the runner perfect!

Decorate with free printable!

Decorate with free printable!

Sangria is a must for every party I have.  I also had to be festive and make some homemade Apple Cider! Click here for the recipe!


Now onto the tables! Let me say that by far Arte Italica is my favorite dinnerware! Gorgeous and goes year round. Everyone compliments them & they truly are durable and stunning to look at!  We used Libbey Glassware for our glasses and they made a very special touch!

Table Setting

Table Setting

One of my all time favorite things are appetizers! I could honestly eat apps all day and all night long! For our apps we used amazing dips Robert Rothschild Farm.  They were amazing! Honestly the Spinach & Artichoke dip went and I refilled & it went again within minutes! It’s a must have! The honey mustard pretzel dip is also outstanding! it’s a little sweet, but has a nice bite to it!


Robert Rothschild Farm Dips

I also love appetizers that can also be desserts, like Darcy’s delights! The Date nut bread is amazing and I had it on the app table.  The banana bread is to die for! Darcy’s breads are a must try.  They are preservative free and full of flavor! Can’t ask for more than that!


Darcy’s Delights Breads- Amazing!

We had to throw in a little Thanksgiving theme with a turkey inspired fruit tray! We used a pear for the body and then you can use whatever fruit you would like around it.  It turned out super cute!


We also used Cedar’s hummus– delicious! Their pita chips are also very light and not heavy like many others I have tried.  If you are looking for a light Pita Chip, they are the one! They are perfect for a light snack before a huge holiday meal! The roasted red pepper hummus is my far my favorite of Cedars! Looking for a great chip? Look in the back of the picture below.  The Better Chip is the go to chip of choice for me! The Kale ones are my fav!!

Cedar Hummus

Cedar Hummus

As always we had to have some amazing napkins to match the theme! Custom napkins from Napkins Personalized! I just love them and they have the best customer service ever! Personalized napkins do really give your guests a special thing to remember.

App Table

App Table

Now what makes a table setting perfect?  Well not just the dinnerware, but you also need the perfect candle & Colonial Candle really does make a perfect setting! They are the perfect candle for the centerpieces and look how they illuminated our dessert table! Seriously stunning.  Colonial Candles are perfect for stacking by each other too! When I get married, I will be sure to use them for the centerpiece candles!

To bring a little Fall smell in the air, we brought Delicious Hard Cider to the event! McKenzie’s Hard Cider has Pumpkin Hard Cider! Can’t get any better than that! The Green Apple Hard Cider is by far my favorite and brings a nice holiday vibe to the drink table!

McKenzies Pumpkin Cider

McKenzies Pumpkin Cider

Our dessert items consisted of cakes, rice crispy treats, chocolates, Berlin Natural Bakery Cookies, Sherri Design Suckers and so much more! Berlin Natural Bakery cookies are honestly amazing, always a hit and everyone LOVES them.  They are natural, soft and so scrumptious! Sherri Core Designs has suckers in amazing flavors.  Move over plan sugar pop, Sherrie Design Suckers come in Amaretto, Peach, Cocktail, Watermelon, Apple Cinnamon and so much more!

Dessert Table

Dessert Table with Colonial Candles throughout

Have Turkey Leftovers?  Be sure to check out the recipe with The Better Chip! Click here for the Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe.

Check out our Pinterest page for more holiday ideas and more photos from our Thanksgiving!




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42 Responses to A Thanksgiving to Remember

  1. Trina says:


  2. Stef says:

    Breathtaking. Beautiful Francesca!

  3. Ryan says:

    The plates are exquisite! Everything really is amazing. Will be using some of these ideas for my next event!

  4. Kara T. says:

    OMG! Totally love!

  5. Erica F. says:

    I love the better chips too!!

  6. Kathleen says:

    The candles make it great. Can’t wait to see your table for Christmas

  7. MaryLynn says:

    Stunning. Those plates are beautiful

  8. Dorothy H says:

    I love dips!! I am going to try those! I have tried Cedar before. They sell them at Marianos. Great hummus

  9. Nanette says:

    I love all the details. All women notice details.

  10. Amanda says:

    Where is that wooden turkey from? Love it

  11. Teresa says:

    Amazing! Everything looks amazing!!

  12. Felicia says:

    Shared on my business page. Great job Francesca!

  13. Jennifer Fredrick says:


  14. _ says:

    Beautiful! I also love preztel dips (<:

  15. Joseph says:

    Pumpkin Cider!?! Where have I been? Gonna have to try that!

  16. Mary Crawford says:

    Beautiful presentation

  17. Hailey says:

    I like all the signs

  18. Style22 says:

    Shared and love all your ideas Francesca

  19. Krystal says:

    That is beautiful. I love those plates. Classy and traditional but has a modern twist

  20. Lynn says:

    LOVE THIS! Martha Stewart ain’t got nothing on you girl!

  21. Julie says:

    Thanks for including McKenzies Pumpkin Jack! Cheers!

  22. Patricia says:

    Beautiful Francesca!!

  23. Kathy says:

    That Turkey TRAY is very cute!

  24. Allison says:

    Wonderful, creative and stunning. I adore everything

  25. Katie says:

    I love this and Mckenzies is my favorite hard cider

  26. S.T. says:

    I love this.

  27. Gina says:

    Those breads look yummy. The sangria is something we are surely going to have to try.

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