Don’t forget the Doggie

The Holidays are coming! Do you have everyone on your list done?  Don’t forget the doggies and kitties out there!

Here are a few gifts to give the little furry friends on your Christmas list:

The Collar Planet online has the cutest gifts for all of your dogs and cats!

Party Collars are perfect for your pet to wear at your Christmas gatherings and also make the perfect gift for your friends dogs as well! Going to a Christmas party and bringing a hostess gift… don’t forget their furry friends! Your friends and family will forever love you for not forgetting any of their furry friends this holiday!

10847978_10152638303335677_7507287570070133282_nThey also have the most adorable bow ties and hanging ties! Literally the cutest things in the entire world! I love them and the quality of the items is durable and lasting!


How about sports team?  Someone on your list have a doggie and they are a HUGE Chicago Bears or Dallas Cowboys fan?  Check out all the adorable sport outfits you can purchase for our furry friends! Grab a jersey for your furry friends.  They are too adorable!

Denver_Broncos_Dog_Jersey__26276.1409403482.380.500Have your cake and eat it too! The Puppy Cake has amazing and delicious goodies for your doggies! They have cookies, cakes and so much more! I think it’s a super cute gift to give a friend that has a dog or a special item to make for your furry friend in your house Christmas day!

10846323_10152766803961195_8674523407155881494_n 2f4e0fe29dbd82cd664d09e3845e4418

Give your puppy something to be super excited about, plus you get to bake and decorate too! The Puppy Cake also has adorable birthday cakes too!


These were just a few fabulous suggestions.  Don’t forget your dog and cat friends this holiday! Do you happen to have any additional suggestions or great pet products?


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3 Responses to Don’t forget the Doggie

  1. Val says:

    I’ve had Puppy Cake before! Good Cakes & Jax loved them!!

  2. Paula says:

    Oh my God!! I’m gonna have to buy Bentley a Broncos jersey!!

  3. Jana says:

    So cute! I want to cook my little “Fluff” a cake now!

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