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Oh Baby!


What should you get the little ones in your life?  What do you get someone for their baby shower?  Are you looking for original gifts that stand out? Look no further! How about an I See me personalized book! They are absolutely perfect for newborns or buy a gift certificate for the parents to be!



Give them a custom book! I See Me has the best! They have books that even come with blankets and teddy bears! It honestly does not get any cuter than this! They are made exceptionally well and are truly an unforgettable gift!

hello-world-personalized-book-pink-47 new-hello-world-personalized-book-6

It’s a unique gift that lasts forever! I know a lot of couples today know the baby’s name before the shower or before they are born, so it truly makes a special one of a kind gift!  You can even choose a little personal message to whomever you give the book too.  In addition, you can add a picture of your little one in the beginning of the book. I was extremely impressed at the quality of the books!


Above is one of the personalized blankets you can get.  It’s super soft and perfect for infants! Check out the Facebook page for more pictures, updates and more!  


Now onto an absolutely fantastic idea for the baby shower! A Baby Diaper Bike! I used a Gund Bear! Gund is my favorite, their bears are so incredibly soft! I used about 60 baby diapers (you can use as many as you like.  The more you use, the bigger the “wheels.”), Janie and Jack toddler sunglasses (love that store), Baby Bottle, Pair of socks, two blankets, washcloths, baby toy and some ribbon!



6 thoughts on “Oh Baby!”

  1. Those books are so cute. I’m going to have to order my daughter one for her Easter basket. I also want someone to have a baby shower so I can attempt that diaper cake bike.

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