Orange, for what?

April is Animal Abuse Awareness Month. Orange is the awareness color!

It honestly puzzles me every day how someone can hurt an innocent animal. First, I wanted to share some sad facts with you:
• Each year 10,000 bull dogs die in bullfighting.
• Neglect and abandonment are the most common forms of companion animal abuse in the United States.
• Continuous chaining is illegal in some parts of the country.
• Pit bull dogs are the most common victims of animal cruelty.
• 71% of domestic violence victims report that their abuser also targeted their animal.
And Sadly enough abuse doesn’t usually stop at the animals:
• 71% of pet-owning women entering women’s shelters reported that their batterer had injured, maimed, killed or threatened family pets for revenge or to psychologically control victims; 32% reported their children had hurt or killed animals.
• 68% of battered women reported violence towards their animals. 87% of these incidents occurred in the presence of the women, and 75% in the presence of the children, to psychologically control and coerce them.
• 13% of intentional animal abuse cases involve domestic violence.
• Between 25% and 40% of battered women are unable to escape abusive situations because they worry about what will happen to their pets or livestock should they leave.
• Pets may suffer unexplained injuries, health problems, permanent disabilities at the hands of abusers, or disappear from home.
• Abusers kill, harm, or threaten children’s pets to coerce them into sexual abuse or to force them to remain silent about abuse. Disturbed children kill or harm animals to emulate their parents’ conduct, to prevent the abuser from killing the pet, or to take out their aggressions on another victim.
• In one study, 70% of animal abusers also had records for other crimes. Domestic violence victims whose animals were abused saw the animal cruelty as one more violent episode in a long history of indiscriminate violence aimed at them and their vulnerability.

To share our love for animals and put an end to animal abuse, we wanted to share with you some of these amazing, loving and absolutely adorable furry friends:

Kitty: Mowgli Mama: Tracey

Kitty: Mowgli Mama: Tracey

Precious Bella Mommy & Daddy: Dina and Dan

Precious Bella Mommy & Daddy: Dina and Dan

Adorable Bella Mommy: Celebrity Chicago Mob Wife Christina Scoleri

Adorable Bella Mommy: Celebrity Chicago Mob Wife Christina Scoleri

The loveable Lucy

The loveable Lucy

He dressed up just for the occasion.

He dressed up just for the occasion.

312466_10200208384510237_2005527634_n 206141_10200208452511937_1404653652_n

Maui dressed up for us!

Maui dressed up for us!

Love this!

Love this!

Let’s stop animal abuse, share our furry fan love & share our loved ones! Please feel free to share your pictures on our page as well.


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11 Responses to Orange, for what?

  1. Paula says:

    Cute pictures

  2. Sara says:

    Breaks my heart that some horrible evil people hurt our little innocent animals! So mad!!

  3. Virginia says:

    I love this!

  4. Glen says:

    Yes!!! Let’s put an end to abuse and make our laws even stronger for abusers. It does seem like they only get a slap on the hand now.

  5. Rita says:

    That black cat is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

  6. Tina F says:

    Cute pictures

  7. Tracy says:

    That black cat looks like my cat. So cute!

  8. Val says:

    Great article and great blog! Thank you for caring and sharing.

  9. Lynn says:

    I hear ya!! Let’s stop the abuse

  10. Catherine says:

    Great Awareness. Cute pics

  11. Tina says:


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