Back to the 80’s

Looking for an amazing party idea? LOOK NO FURTHER! The 80’s are back! Check out this fantastic party & all the details!

The 80’s party I put together with all the small details needed to have a TOTALLY RAD experience!

Invites went out…

First thing is first, we have to decorate! I went to Party City and grabbed tons of streamers stuff, backdrops & signs! I also went to the dollar store looking for streamers, but party city had bright colors and that was necessary for the 80s!

I used the I LOVE the 80’s backdrop for the bar area:


The bar area had all the bells and whistles including Vodka Infused Gummi Bears, Custom Drinks & Signature drinks!


No party is complete without the most amazing custom napkins as well! Personalized Napkins are the best & I highly recommend them.  Look at the fabulous 80’s ones we had made from the amazing Napkins Personalized:


Outside we had a table filled with light up bracelets, 80’s shades, neon bracelets, neon silly string and more! I just went to the craft store, grabbed some bright paint and painted a cute sign.  Super easy and makes a cute display!


Now onto one of my favorite things! The dessert table!!! We used tons of streamers, laterns, tissue balls and hanging streamers to make a rad background.  After that, we 80-a-fied it! Check out all the details below:


Court’s Torts (out of Tinley Park, IL) did the most amazing 80’s cookies I have ever seen! They tasted yummy too! The MTV & Smurf ones turned out simply outstanding!

11742866_10206467679124679_13487380374243578_nIMG_20150807_234305The cake was from Marianos in Frankfort, IL.  If you live in the area, go to Tammy.  She is the cake decorator.  There is NO ONE better! She did an absolutely amazing job!


Harriet’s House of Cakes had BY FAR the best cake toppers (edible fondant) I have ever seen in my life! They we’re absolutely perfect! 11800140_10206467676444612_8029237050641351218_n

Whatchawant designs makes super cute birthday boards! They are not wood boards, they are like a thick posterboard.  They last well for the party & makes an amazing photo prop! Check out this awesome board she made:


No party is complete without balloons! All of the amazing balloons were filled by Balloon Time.  Make sure you fill the balloons about 1-  3 hours before the event.  They were all on the floor the next morning.. so don’t do ahead of  time.  I love balloons and love having them in all the rooms at events!

IMG_20150807_232543 IMG_20150807_232624 IMG_20150807_232706

All the small details are the absolute best! The plates were from Totally Promotional & I couldn’t possibly say enough about them.  They have the best customer service and their products and amazing! We had koozies & custom plates from Totally Promotional.  The koozies are great because it’s also an extra favor for everyone to take home! Check them out!


IMG_20150807_233145 IMG_20150807_233111Don’t forget the cheese picks! Custom 80’s cheese picks of course:


Birthday sign for everyone to sign:

IMG_20150807_234653Custom 80’s paintings from artist Debra Forth! She’s outstanding! Loved the smurf one!

IMG_20150730_212235 IMG_20150730_211950

Remember My Pet Monster?

Banners are also a way to jazz up the party! Simply bannerlious from ETSY is outstanding!!


IMG_20150730_211754Now let’s talk about the most amazing pillows from Gough Goodies (ETSY)

IMG_20150530_124322 IMG_20150530_124255

Holbert. & Co. did these TOTALLY rad glasses:

IMG_20150715_155007 IMG_20150713_154745

Little Shop of What Nots on ETSY has vintage items, like this awesome light brite!


IMG_20150724_220002 IMG_20150722_131403 IMG_20150721_165318 IMG_20150731_005059Again, I am obsessed with the little touches, like such.  A custom 80’s card box with a cute dirty dancing sign above!



Hope you enjoyed all of our totally awesome 80’s party ideas! Please feel free to share yours as well! Have an awesome day!




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6 Responses to Back to the 80’s

  1. Chris says:

    80’s party was super you did a fab job kiddo

  2. Patty says:

    Best party I have ever senn

  3. Gina says:

    This is rad! I’m totally doing this idea for my husbands 30th

  4. What a great blog and this looks like it was such a fun party! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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