Garden of Greatness!!

Garden of Life has amazing products from GMO Organic bars, everyday essentials like probiotics to coconut oil!!

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IMG_20150807_003006Garden of life products are by far my favorite!


They have a new Dr Formulated Fit probiotic! A new approach to weight loss support designed to enhance your current diet and exercise program.† For those seeking to manage their weight, Dr. Perlmutter created Fitbiotic, a Certified USDA Organic, unique, raw probiotic formula with 4g of prebiotic fiber from premium Organic Acacia (A. Senegal), 14 probiotic strains and 50 billion CFU¹.

FITBIOTIC™: Weight Management 1-2-3

1. Support healthy digestion† with 50 billion CFU, including L. gasseri and L. rhamnosus clinically studied for weight loss support†

2. Help maintain healthy blood sugar† with 4g organic fiber supporting satiety†

3. Promote growth of good bacteria to keep momentum. Contains premium A. Senegal species of Organic Acacia, a proven prebiotic to help good bacteria thrive†

• Comes in convenient 20 Shelf Stable packets (one packet daily in 20-packet container)

• Mixes easily, unflavored and sugar free

David Perlmutter, M.D., F.A.C.N.
America’s Brain-Health Expert, Board-Certified Neurologist, #1New York Times  Best-Selling Author, Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and Expert in the Human Microbiome.

Understanding the Human Microbiome
The human microbiome is an evolving collection of trillions of microbial organisms living in and on the human body. Leading research is only just starting to unlock the vast mysteries of the microscopic world of the human microbiome.

So just what could these good bacteria be doing for us? According to David Perlmutter, M.D., these beneficial microorganisms may be responsible for:

• Aiding in digestion and the absorption of nutrients†

• Supporting immune system function†

• Producing and releasing important enzymes and substances†

• Helping with stress management†

• Assisting with countless healthy body systems and processes†

Just What the Doctor Formulated 
It’s time to take care of our microbiome. It’s up to us to support and nourish it through what we eat, what we expose ourselves to in our environment and the kind of lifestyle we lead. Dr. Perlmutter advocates honoring this system of health through understanding and avoiding the three biggest forces that work against the health of the gut’s good bugs.

Force #1: Exposure to substances that kill or otherwise adversely change the composition of the bacterial colonies. These include toxic chemicals used in conventional agriculture, household cleaners and in food (e.g., sugar, gluten), and even in water (e.g., chlorine).

Force #2: Unhealthy diet, and poor nutritional support for the diverse tribes of good bacteria (e.g., prebiotic fiber).

Force: #3: Stress


Now it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!!! Comment below with your favorite healthy snack to win a Garden of Life product of your choice!! Winners chosen next Thursday!!


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8 Responses to Garden of Greatness!!

  1. Gina says:

    I love carrots and hummus

  2. johnhutchens1 says:

    My favorite healthy snack is Blueberries

  3. My favorite healthy snack is Honey Crisp Apple.

  4. joann says:

    Baked pita chips with lemon hummus yummy 🙂

  5. Lynda Sykes says:

    apples and PB 🙂

  6. Raya says:

    Almond butter, cheese, and fruit! Thanks so much I love GOL!

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