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Toxins In My Home!

I couldn't be more upset! I couldn't be more disgusted!! Looked at the ingredients in this Bath & Body Works Shower gel! Filled with toxins!! Including PEGs linked to kidney & liver issues, carcinogenics, formaldehyde releasers linked to cancers, headaches, immune dysfunction, Glycol linked to cancer, reproductive issues & liver/kidney damage, fragrance that is linked… Continue reading Toxins In My Home!

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Stay Away Cold

Vitamin C is going to help your immune system and keep those winter colds away.   I loveĀ Garden Of LifeĀ Vitamin C spray! Tastes delicious & helps boost my immune system! Benefits of Vitamin C spray: Support the immune system and promote skin and tissue health with 60mg (100% DV) of vitamin C from organic whole… Continue reading Stay Away Cold