A Night at the House of Blues

foundation-iiiiHave you ever been to the Chicago House of Blues? I strongly recommend that you go there.  It was truly a night to remember and a true VIP experience.  We started off the evening with dinner at the Foundation Room inside the House of Blues.  You enter the Foundation room hobthrough an exclusive elevator inside the House of Blues.  Once you exit the elevator to your floor, you are greeted with a glass of champagne from your hostess/host.  Our hostesses was extremely pleasant and welcoming.  She brought us down one floor while I was sipping on some delicious champagne.

We were escorted to our table, which is a plush seat/bench and highly cozy environment. foundation-room We started off the evening with a grilled cheese appetizer.  I am truly not kidding, that was the best grilled cheese I have ever had! I couldn’t possibly recommend it even more.  If you do go there, make sure you get the grilled cheese appetizer.  It’s an absolute MUST! Then we had an incredible salad.  You can tell everything was delivered freshly and the lettuce leaves were perfect.  You know those thick tasteful leaves.. with a balsamic dressing that was surely homemade.  The filet was cooked to perfection and out of this world!  Our server was extremely kind and even the manager Anna stopped by several times to check on us.  Everyone was extremely kind, pleasant and knowledgeable about all questions asked. I couldn’t recommend getting a membership to the Foundation Room even more! It’s definitely worth the experience and the food!

foundation-room-iiiAfter dinner, we went back upstairs to this incredible bar (picture left) to have a drink before the Sixteen Candles show.  After dinner I had a French martini.  It had a little twist and I couldn’t figure it out.  I had to ask.  It was made with vanilla vodka! It was perfection frenchieto a T! It was the best French martini I ever had.  It was hard to leave this pleasant atmosphere, but we were onto the show to see Sixteen Candles.  You can’t get any better than some incredible 80’s music! My love for the 80’s is strong and Sixteen Candles fufilled all of my expectations. The show was fantastic and filled with non-stop entertainment. He even brought his mom on stage to sing, which was so touching!  During the show we drank at the bar on the lower level.  The bartenders were attentive and truly went above and beyond.  We were able to chat with one of the male bartenders downstairs. I wish I got his name! He was so nice, friendly and took time to answer all of our questions. From beginning to end this was truly an incredible experience and I can’t wait to go back to the House of Blue in Chicago! Next time, I definitely want to try the restaurant downstairs.  I will surely let you know about my experience when I do so. I will also be checking out another Sixteen Candles show in the near future!



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10 Responses to A Night at the House of Blues

  1. Beth says:

    Awwww I can’t wait to go! I’m gonna check out the schedule of tours now!

  2. Gina T says:

    I love sixteen candles

  3. Jess says:

    Sounds fun!

  4. Kate says:

    I am definitely upgradin next time for sure! Great write up Francesca. Sounds amazing! What kind of seafood do they serve?

  5. Steve says:

    Do you have to pay for bottle service to use the Foundation room? Is it available for an upgrade or something? I would like to try before becoming a member.

  6. Christina says:

    I’ve been wanting to try the Foundation Room! Now I literally must. I love frenchies too.

  7. Tracy says:

    I was just telling the girls this is our next night away!

  8. Adam R. says:

    Have you been to the brunch with music? I’ve been wanting to try that.

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