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Pop A PopChip

sourcream-bag.png_b48512a1f7df3f9ca85da8f04db1ef8c.pngEver hear of pop chips? We’ll love isn’t strong enough about how I feel. They are amazing! Perfect combination of air, salt and taste! My absolute favorite are the sour cream and onion! I’m personally not a fan of the ridges they offer, but I certainly LOVE everything else! Everything.  The BBQ are also incredible.

Now, taste is great, but how healthy are they?  That’s the best part!! No preservatives.. no gluten..some of the lines are even NON-GMO and organic…. all the goods!

Check kettle.png 683e4255df7b614dc6f0884953149ddf organic

Check kettle.png 683e4255df7b614dc6f0884953149ddfno added preservatives
Check kettle.png 683e4255df7b614dc6f0884953149ddfno high fructose corn syrup
Check kettle.png 683e4255df7b614dc6f0884953149ddfno artificial flavors
Check kettle.png 683e4255df7b614dc6f0884953149ddfno synthetic colors
Check kettle.png 683e4255df7b614dc6f0884953149ddfno cholesterol
Check kettle.png 683e4255df7b614dc6f0884953149ddf0 grams trans fat
Check kettle.png 683e4255df7b614dc6f0884953149ddfhalf the fat of fried chips
Check kettle.png 683e4255df7b614dc6f0884953149ddfgluten free
Check kettle.png 683e4255df7b614dc6f0884953149ddfkosher dairy
I seriously love them and I urge you to try them.  They beat all those preservatives out of the water!! Once you have one… believe me- You’ll finish the bag like I did! I really want to try the Kettle Corn Chips-has anyone?  I can’t wait to get my hands on them!



8 thoughts on “Pop A PopChip”

    1. Definitely give them another try! I honestly love them! If you don’t love them…shoot me a message, I’ll personally buy you another bag of chips. Believe me you’ll love. If you like BBQ..totally try them.

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