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Nothing Small About Smallcakes

cupcakes-iv.pngI recently walked into Smallcakes of Orland Park, IL (right by Charming Charlie’s and Marianos) and well I am so glad I did. I try to eat healthy most of the time, but everyone.. yes EVERYONE needs a good dessert every once in awhile. Gluten free?  No worries. They have gluten free cupcakes too!  I want to eat quality ingredients and something that obviously tastes good! Smallcakes of Orland Park is everything it’s cracked up to be and more!

Their cupcakes are HUGE..and delicious! They bake and frost 12 signature flavors every morning fresh from scratch. They donate anything that doesn’t sell and re-bake the next day fresh and ready to go.  How amazing is it that theycupcakes III.png donate the uneaten ones everyday? I think it’s incredible and extremely thoughtful. I love businesses that do things like this.  We need more incredible businesses that don’t waste and give back whenever they can.  That is truly going the extra mile to give back.

They have seasonal flavors and you can check out the flavors of the day in the shop or on their Facebook page.  As I was browsing in their adorable shop, I came across the PUPcakes! I will definitely have to pick them up to try (review on those coming another time).  My sister has two dogs, so I will have to surprise my doggy nephew and niece one day! Smallcakes in Orland Park also has freshly made ice cream everyday.  Icecream infused with cupcakes- yup- that’s what I said.  I tried some and it was magnificent. Everything about Smallcakes is fresh and homemade.

Now onto my favorite cupcake- the Oreo for sure! If you love oreos, you will be obsessed with this cupcake as much as I was! The icing is so tasty and it has oreo pieces inside of it as well as on top! They also do custom cakes which I will have to give a try.  The owner said they recently hired some cake decorators so I can’t wait to see what they can create! The inside of the shop has a very boutique feel and a great place to go grab a sweet after you eat! Stop by today and tell them fancy flops sent you!


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