Mostaccioli Monday at MaMa D’s

14192755_1343832748975173_937999676404033979_nWho loves pasta??? ME! I will be at MaMa D’s in Lemont, IL this coming Monday for mostaccioli Monday! They will have pasta specials and they are giving away a $100 Gift Certificate.  All the food is homemade and I can’t wait to have some baked mostaccioli!


On Monday they will also have Elsa from Frozen for all the kids from 6-8p.m.  What little girls don’t love Elsa? See you at MaMa D’s this Monday!


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Cream of Chicken..Of Goodness

Who doesn’t love that creamy delicious chicken soup?  I love mine thicker instead of thinner.  It’s perfect on a cold day here in Chicago.  Here is my special recipe for the amazing soup! Try it for Valentine’s Day too! Something warm and delicious to fill your heart and loved one’s tummy.

What you will need:

2 organic chicken breasts

2 whole organic lemons

½ cup of fresh lemon juice

½ cup of heavy cream

½ cup of olive oil

½ cup of rice

½ cup of orzo pasta

2 ½ tablespoons of all purpose flour

2 cups of chicken broth

½ teaspoon of salt

Freshly Ground pepper (to taste)

Optional: Bread bowls


  1. Grab your skillet, heat olive oil.  Cut the one lemon in half. Squeeze fresh lemon in the pan with olive oil. Throw in your two chicken breasts.  Cook on low in the lemon juice, fresh lemon and olive oil until fully cooked. Let cool.
  2. Boil and cook the rice and pasta (separately) and put aside.
  3. Grab your pot to cook the soup in. Gradually stir in flour, with the cream.  It will become thicker as you cook it.  Add the chicken broth. Squeeze the other half of your first lemon into the mixture.
  4. After chicken breasts have cooled, grab a fork.  Pull apart the chicken into pieces with the fork.  Then, throw your chicken into the soup pot.  Let this form a paste, or roux.
  5. Add rice and orzo pasta to the soup pot.
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste, along with squeezing the additional lemon into the mixture (to taste as well).
  7. Cook on low heat for 30 minutes total, stirring occasionally.
  8. Serve in bread bowls (or in regular bowls)


I also love to garnish with lemon slices (I looove lemons) and add more as I am eating it.  It’s the most delicious and thick cream of chicken you will ever eat.  Enjoy and stay warm with this homemade tasty cream of chicken soup.

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Painted with Love

IMG_6560.JPGCTF ILLINOIS will host their first annual Painted With Love Shopping Event at The Painted Turtle, a new art studio in downtown Tinley Park for individuals with disabilities to learn various art techniques and present their artwork to the community. The event will take place on February 9, 2017, from 4-7p.m. The Painted Turtle is a place for individuals with disabilities to learn new, creative skills, participate in art therapy programs, and engage with the community around them. The space is fully equipped to allow individuals with disabilities to create their own art in the studio as well as sell their work to the public via the storefront.

CTF ILLINOIS is a nonprofit organization grounded in their vision to create a culture where people are not defined by their differences but recognized for the value they bring to their communities. The Painted Turtle is a reflection of this thought process. The studio not only gives individuals with disabilities an outlet to express themselves through art, but connects them with members of the community, helping to shed light on their ample skills and abilities and fostering true community integration.  IMG_6872.JPG

The Shopping Event will include Valentine’s Day and spring-inspired artwork created by the individuals that attend The Painted Turtle program. Guests will enjoy food and sweets from our sponsors, Creative Cakes (Tinley Park), Artesa Baking Company (Homer Glen), Simply Serve Meals (Tinley Park), and Whipped and Frosted Boutique (Joliet), while they shop the latest items.  

How incredible are these pieces??! I love them!IMG_6884.JPG

Along with serving as a program option for individuals with disabilities, The Painted Turtle is also a community center, open to the public five days a week. All proceeds from the sales of artwork goes directly to the individual who created it. Members of the community are encouraged to browse and shop the storefront during business hours as well as attend special, after-hours and weekend events like Wine and Paint Nights and Open Mic Nights.


If you have any questions about the upcoming event, please contact Robin Curtner, Director of Development, at (708)429-1260, ext. 1263 or CTF ILLINOIS is looking forward to becoming more involved in the Tinley Park area and is excited to connect their artists with other community members. You can visit the CTF ILLINOIS website at Photos of artwork and past events can be found on The Painted Turtle’s Facebook page.

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Splish Splash To Fun

Looking for a great place to get away? Fun outside the sun?wilderness

Check out Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells! The swim up bar is the absolute best! The staff was amazing and look at this drink!! You purchase the drink and then you receive refills at 1/2 off.  It’s a win-win and they are huge! You can even get pizza delivered to your chair/spot at the pool.  Does it get any better than that?


Check out Wilderness Resort today!


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Where’s the beef?

Who loves Italian beef? I do!! MaMa D’s in Lemont, Illinois (western suburbs of Chicago) is truly the best beef you will ever try! If you don’t live in the area- It’s worth the trip!


It’s homemade everyday.. the perfect blend of spices and salt.  I don’t like things too salty and I am obsessed with this beef. Obsessed is most likely not a strong enough word.  I want another one right now! The juice is the absolute best! I get my beef wet with cheese and sweet/hot peppers.  If you like your beef dry, I would get some juice on the side to dip it in.  It’s so tasty!  I need all the fixings on my beef! It’s incredible and I am telling you that you will not be disappointed.  Stop in and tell them Fancy Flops sent you! There are so many other things on the menu I love too… The Greek chicken on pita is also one of my favs.. But out of all the menu items.. the homemade Italian beef is the best in the world! Check out their Facebook page to read reviews, see pictures, etc.

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Looking for help sleeping?

I found something to help me sleep!!! I am so happy that is works!! A natural way! If you are like most Americans, your dietary consumption of magnesium is less than ideal. Recent statistics reveal that close to 75% of Americans are consuming less than the recommended daily allowance of magnesium. Magnesium ranks among the most important trace elements in the human diet as it plays a central role in facilitating the function of over 300 critical enzymes. These are enzymes that have important tasks in facilitating our day-to-day metabolic functions as well as manufacturing DNA and proteins and even managing how our cells are able to power themselves from the food sources we provide.
So it’s no wonder that low magnesium levels are correlated with so many health-related issues. Signs of magnesium deficiency involve all the body’s major systems and include: Irritability, Anxiety, Lethargy, Fatigue, Memory problems, Anorexia, Loss of Appetite, Seizures, Muscle Weakness, Muscle cramdr-formulated-relax-and-restore-3-Flavors-1000x1000-lg-.pngps, Tremors, Vertigo, Difficulty swallowing, and Irregular or rapid heartbeat.
So if you’re feeling tired, having problems sleeping or dealing with stress in your life, it’s time to Relax & Restore! Dr. Formulated whole food magnesium Relax & Restore powder is a delicious, fizzy drink to help calm and relax you so you can get a better night’s sleep, while restoring your body’s optimal magnesium levels.†
Relax & Restore features the first-ever whole food magnesium made using our finest USA-grown organic peas, as well as, live probiotics—1 billion CFU—to support healthy digestion and regularity.†
Dr. Formulated Relax & Restore Benefits
Supports relaxation and restores optimal magnesium levels† while providing a better night’s sleep†
Well tolerated—no gastric side effects
Contains the probiotics Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Lactobacillus acidophilus—1 billion CFU—to support healthy digestion, utilization and regularity†
So, if you’re feeling stressed out or unable to sleep well, you should consider taking Relax & Restore at bedtime to help you de-stress and get a good night’s sleep.†

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The best napkins in the WORLD!!

Are you looking to spice up a party, shower or fundraiser?

Look no further than NAPKINS!! Yes, I said napkins.  Napkins give a special touch to any event! A must have and you MUST use Personalized Napkins.  They are the best.. Here is just some of their work! Go to Napkins Personalized! Tell them Fancy Flops sent you.



Great idea to put guest towels in your bathrooms for parties as well.

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Giving Away Goodies!!

Sorry for the MIA everyone.  I have had some major issues going on, but I am BACK! Now you will be sick of me. Ha!

What better way to celebrate than with a Garden of Life giveaway!!  You would think I am a paid marketing manager the way I talk up the products, but I am not. I honestly just love, but more importantly BELIEVE in their products.  I don’t think I would have been able to get through the last month or two without my essentials.. Probiotics, B12 spray & coconut oil.  I have recently had some stitches and even my doctor stated that organic coconut oil can work better than scar cream.  I put it on twice a day. **


Now onto the exciting part- Give away time!! Two lucky winners will win their favorite Garden of Life product!! They have some fabulous new products as well!


Giveaway is going to END October 28th.  All you have to do is ENTER your favorite healthy snack in the comments below… ready…. set GO!!



**(Please note that you want to wait until any incision is closed and not bleeding before applying coconut oil.  I would also recommend that you ask your doctor.  I am sure that every incision is different.)

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Attention Chicago Cubs Fans!

Have you heard about the Care with the Cubbies event in Chicago??  I know I am super excited!

Care with the Cubbies.jpg

On Friday, September 16, Community Services Foundation will host Care with the Cubbies, a fundraising event to raise money for children and adults with diverse disabilities.


Care with the Cubbies attendees will be treated to an afternoon of baseball at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, where the Cubs will take on the Milwaukee Brewers for a 1:05PM start time. After the game, the fundraiser will be continue at HVAC Pub, where fans can enjoy pizza and a two-hour open bar as well as raffle and silent auction items.


The premier package is $105 a person prior to August 1 and will go up to $125 a person after this date. This package, valued at $250, includes charter bus transportation to and from the event, a terrace outfield ticket to the game, snacks and refreshments on the bus ride, $20 worth of Cubs bucks to use at the game, an event t-shirt, and admittance into the after party at HVAC Pub for pizza and an open bar. Guests will meet and register at 10:00 AM at Stoney Point Grill in Mokena: 19031 Old La Grange Road, Mokena, IL 60448. Breakfast will also be provided at registration for the premier package.


For those who want to attend the game and after party, but are not in need of transportation, there is a second package available just for you. This includes a terrace outfield game ticket, $20 worth of Cubs bucks, an event t-shirt, and admittance into the after party at HVAC Pub. This package is available for $95 a person prior to August 1, and will be $115 a person after this date. Tickets, t-shirts, and Cubs bucks will be mailed to those who purchase this package. HVAC Pub is located at: 3530 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60657.

They have tons of raffle prizes & silent auction items posted on their Facebook page!


At Community Services Foundation, it is our mission to develop and create opportunities for individuals with disabilities that support and inspire independence. Care with the Cubbies is your chance to help support this mission and cause, all while enjoying an afternoon of baseball, food, drink, and more.


All proceeds of this event will benefit CTF Illinois, a member agency of Community Services Foundation that provides services and programming to individuals with disabilities. For more information on purchasing tickets, please contact Robin Curtner, Director of Development, at (708)429-1260 x1263 or

You can also visit the event website at

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Hidden Gem in St.Charles

Good Evening Everyone! I wanted to share my stay at the Pheasant Run with all of you.  The resort resides in St. Charles & is a hidden gem.


The front desk staff was extremely inviting and the lobby is a very relaxing area! I didn’t have to wait long to check-in & the check-in associate was kind, professional and very helpful.

It’s a great little getaway to get lost and enjoy your girlfriends or loved one for the weekend.  I am definitely going to try golf there! The course looks absolutely gorgeous!!

The views from the room were breathtaking and relaxing, but rooms were a bit outdated.

We went to dinner ….Not the best experience, but then we went outside….

We went outside to enjoy the fireplace with a drink and that was amazing and relaxing!  We spoke to some other great residents that were there for the first time too! I recommend that for sure!! Very relaxing and enjoyable to sit out there with a drink and chat with family and friends…and perhaps meet some new friends! It was a little chilly to swim outside, but they have an indoor and outdoor pool..All heated!

My favorite part was Zanies comedy club.  The staff was absolutely amazing, I mean outstanding 5 stars!! The show was funny, but the exceptional staff made it the best. I recommend that EVERYONE go here! Truly made the night.

The Pros:

Beautiful golf course

Gorgeous outdoor area

Comedy Club- Zanies

Outdoor firepit

Beautiful views from the room

There were a few cons, but I think it’s important to give a resort another try before giving any negative feedback.  Next time I stay, I would love to give the newer rooms a try.  This resort looks amazing and it’s truly a gem! I would definitely give it another try! If you go, tell them Fancy Flops sent you!

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