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Matchy Match

If you are anything like me, you love family photos... and what's better than photos with your siblings and/or aunts, etc.? Get matching sweatshirts or t-shirts for all of your family members: Check out all of Gift Portal's items online.  Amazing holiday gift ideas and you still have time to shop small and ship in… Continue reading Matchy Match

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The best napkins in the WORLD!!

Are you looking to spice up a party, shower or fundraiser? Look no further than NAPKINS!! Yes, I said napkins.  Napkins give a special touch to any event! A must have and you MUST use Personalized Napkins.  They are the best.. Here is just some of their work! Go to Napkins Personalized! Tell them Fancy Flops… Continue reading The best napkins in the WORLD!!

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Fabulous in Flip Flops

The book is here! I have been working on this fabulous coffee table book for sometime now. Do you have your copy?  It's a collaboration of fabulous & stunning flip flop photos.  The book includes fantastic motivational, fashion and inspirational quotes.  Take 15 minutes out of your day, sit back, read some calming and inspiration… Continue reading Fabulous in Flip Flops

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Toxins In My Home!

I couldn't be more upset! I couldn't be more disgusted!! Looked at the ingredients in this Bath & Body Works Shower gel! Filled with toxins!! Including PEGs linked to kidney & liver issues, carcinogenics, formaldehyde releasers linked to cancers, headaches, immune dysfunction, Glycol linked to cancer, reproductive issues & liver/kidney damage, fragrance that is linked… Continue reading Toxins In My Home!

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Non Toxic Products for Baby & Home

  Are you looking for non toxic products for your family, kids, pets & yourself? Learn about the toxic chemicals in so many products and why Ava Anderson chooses not to have them in there! Click here to see all products & shop! Robin LeeAnne's Facebook Page My favorite product is this sugar scrub! It… Continue reading Non Toxic Products for Baby & Home

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Sugar Scrubs So Sweet!!

Who doesnt love sugar scrub?? 10 drops of your choice essential oil (I used orange & lemon. Miracle essential oils are some of my fav!) 2 cups of sugar (Wholesome sugar is my fav!!) 1 cup Garden of Life coconut oil 2 drops of orange extract (optional for a stronger orange aroma) 1 drop of… Continue reading Sugar Scrubs So Sweet!!

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What Do I Get Him for Christmas?

Christmas is coming!! OH NO! Now what to get everyone? We are here! We have some great, fabulous and fantastic gift ideas! Take a moment to read through some of our suggestions and please feel free to share your own as well! Christmas day is only 47 days away! 1. The Litter Girl or Boy… Continue reading What Do I Get Him for Christmas?