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Fabulous in Flip Flops

The book is here! I have been working on this fabulous coffee table book for sometime now. Do you have your copy?  It's a collaboration of fabulous & stunning flip flop photos.  The book includes fantastic motivational, fashion and inspirational quotes.  Take 15 minutes out of your day, sit back, read some calming and inspiration… Continue reading Fabulous in Flip Flops

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Toxins In My Home!

I couldn't be more upset! I couldn't be more disgusted!! Looked at the ingredients in this Bath & Body Works Shower gel! Filled with toxins!! Including PEGs linked to kidney & liver issues, carcinogenics, formaldehyde releasers linked to cancers, headaches, immune dysfunction, Glycol linked to cancer, reproductive issues & liver/kidney damage, fragrance that is linked… Continue reading Toxins In My Home!

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Non Toxic Products for Baby & Home

  Are you looking for non toxic products for your family, kids, pets & yourself? Learn about the toxic chemicals in so many products and why Ava Anderson chooses not to have them in there! Click here to see all products & shop! Robin LeeAnne's Facebook Page My favorite product is this sugar scrub! It… Continue reading Non Toxic Products for Baby & Home

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Fluff and Fabulous

Who doesn't love fabulous accent pillows! South for Winter has some absolutely amazing products and I am obsessed with the accent pillows! She will even customize anything for you! Check out this fabulous table runner she customized!! The quality is amazing and just love the designs! She even does adorable tote bags! I couldn't be… Continue reading Fluff and Fabulous

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Vegan Blog Lovin’

Do you know Ashlee Piper? Well you should! She is fabulous! Ashlee has a blog called The Little Foxes.  She started this blog as a place to chronicle my love of all things compassionate and vegan.  Her vegan blog is fun, fashionable and has recipes too! We took a few minutes to learn a little… Continue reading Vegan Blog Lovin’

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She Writes Chicago

Last week on November 14th I was a part of an amazing and unforgettable night! The event was called She Writes Chicago.  It was held at American Junkie in downtown Chicago. We walked the red carpet, met some absolutely talented writers, hung with the gorgeous Christina Scoleri from VH 1's Chicago Mob Wives, Aly Bockler… Continue reading She Writes Chicago

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Chocolate and Socks

Holly Durst Julian’s Two Favorite things: Chocolate & Socks Our fabulous interview with the lovely Holly Durst Julian.  Learn about why her favorite earrings are so important to her! You may remember her from ABC’s Bachelor Pad 2 (Winner) & ABC’s The Bachelor~ Season 12.  Take a minute and learn a little more about the… Continue reading Chocolate and Socks